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Why didn't my homemade grape jelly set?


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September 03, 2011 11:26PM

I just add a product called jamset to the cooking and my jam sets everytime.

The most common reason for this happening is lack of the setting agent pectin. As grapes are naturally low in this, a sufficient quantity of commercially available pectin must be added. It is possible to go back and reboil the mix with 20 percent more pectin added. Sometimes inadequate cooking time is the problem. In either case, testing a small amount on a cold saucer towards the end of cooking time is helpful. If it does not wrinkle when pushed with a finger or tilted, it isn't ready and won't set.

I made grape jelly,using sur-jel but it didn't. I tried to re cook with more pectin and sugar now it is too sweet and still didn't set up. What now? I hate to throw it out.

Jelly requires sugar, pectin and acid. If your fruit is not sufficiently acid, you need to add a couple of tbs. of lemon juice when you are making it. Don't throw your failed jelly out--you can use it as syrup on pancakes or other cakes.