Why do British people sing in American accents?

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It's not just British, most people seem to lose accent when they sing.

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Q: Why do British people sing in American accents?
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Why is it when british people sing they don't have their accents?

For the same reason most people don't sing with an accent ... they're matching the syllables to the music and that negates most accents.

How is it that one direction can sing like an American when they are British?

all british peole sing like their not british

Why do Brits sing in an American accent?

It shows that only American Non Regional is the correct and easiest way to sing. All other accents are contrived, region quirks, over or under pronouncing Rs being the most common. Usually you can chalk it up to lazy.

Why do british singers loose their accents when they sing?

Most singers at least partially "lose" their accents when they sing, especially classically trained singers. This is mainly because most singers are taught to use "pure vowels" when singing and to more precisely enunciate consonants, which makes their diction when singing clearer and easier to understand while reducing their dialect or accent.

Can all African American people sing?

haha I've thought about this too but no...not everyone can. Actually, none of the African American people I know can sing for their life :)

Why is Les Miserables sung with British accents?

Haha nice question. It sounds weird, but actually all singers with good teachers are *taught* to sing that way. That way, you don't sing with an obnoxious childish or country accent, because accents are always exaggerated when singing. Even if you don't think you sing that way, unless you sing with a bit of a British accent, your vowels tend to sound bad and/or cause you to go sharp or flat, ruining the piece. When I was in choir, the teachers called it "tall vowels," but they said it like: Towl vahwels. Make your mouth tall and in an O shape: that's what they had us do. :) No lie.

What are the names of people who have competed on American Idol and not won?

the people that have been on American idol sing well.

How do British people celebrate Christmas?

they sing carols and eat a Christmas meal

What did billie holiday believe?

African American people can sing masterpeices

What did Billie Holiday believe in?

African American people can sing masterpeices

Why do English singers sing with an American accent?

I think you'll find most singers (English and American) sing in a neutral accent. It sounds slightly British and slightly American.This is because:1.) They want to make their music more marketable over the pond. Every British artist wants to make to big in America, and every American artist wants to make it big in the UK and Europe, so if they sing in a more neutral accent their voice may be better for radio, etc.2.) The Beatles! The Beatles are from Liverpool, and whilst there is nothing wrong with the northern British accent, it has often been associated with folk music, which they obviously believed is "uncool", so they decided to develop a London/North American accent to sing in. Because the Beatles were so revolutionary, the trend to sing in a slightly North American accent caught on, and it became common.BUT there are singers who sing in a full British accent, like Lily Allen, Ellie Goulding, Eliza Doolittle, Katy B, Sophie Ellis Bextor, The Wanted etc.And nearly all British rappers rap in British accents - like Plan B, Tinie Tempah, Dizzee Rascal, Chipmunk, Tinchy Stryder, MIA and Aggro Santos.Accents are also about the melody of the sentances as a whole as well as pitch and stuff. When a person sings it becomes harder to recognise the accent, since the melody and the pitch both become a more active components, but you still can.A better question would be 'Why do English singers and American singers sound similar when they sing?' since both nationalities accents are affected when they sing, not just the English accent.You're just more accustomed to the American voice so you believe the English are imitating it. It's like when you're a child and you think that other countries have an accent and yours doesn't, because it's what your used to.AnswerOn most of their songs, the Beatles sang with a quite plain Scouse accent (this is quite noticable in songs with the word "singing" in them- the word is pronounced "sing-ging" (with hard"g"). No "put on" American accents except perhaps in some of their early work (many of which were covers of American songs).Modern British singers from the London area like Lily Allen have the quite noticable "Estuary" accent which derives in large part from Cockney (complete with dropped letters like the "tt" in "little").It's refeshing to note Australian singers like Missy Higgins singing with an Australian accent, while C&W singer Keith Urban sounds excatly like an American due no doubt to his intended market.There seems to be a latter-day trend towards vocalists performing with their own native accent rather than contrived "mid-Atlantic" accents although there will always be exceptions like Urban above (and lets face it, songs about yodelling tractors should be sung with an American accent).

Why do people who can't sing try out for American Idol?

Because even though WE know they can't sing, they actually think that they can. Some of them know they can't sing, and those people are just trying to get on T.V.

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Why is it when british people sing they don't have their accents?

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