Why do british singers loose their accents when they sing?

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Most singers at least partially "lose" their accents when they sing, especially classically trained singers. This is mainly because most singers are taught to use "pure vowels" when singing and to more precisely enunciate consonants, which makes their diction when singing clearer and easier to understand while reducing their dialect or accent.
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Why do British singers sound American while they sing?

They dont.. accent in singing sounds alot similar than talking because the tone of the words is in line with the tune, hence there is generally very little to distinguish different accents around the world. Only in rap which is talking that you can hear the accent. Answer Firstly, I don't know ex ( Full Answer )

How do you fake a British accent?

Answer. I really don't think you could fool the British but you could always try. Get some British flicks like the old Harry Potter movies and try saying the words they say, and record yourself. You could choose a specific part of Britain, every city has its own accent. Choose one and study it.

How do you talk in a British accent?

There is no "British accent"! I had an American friend once who concluded you're suppose to call it an 'English accent' because when you call it a British one "the brits get mad", well he was wrong to conclude that as well! Let me explain: Britain is made up of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern ( Full Answer )

How do you get a British accent if you are American?

As an American living in London it is quite easy to get a british accent (or fake one) you can either take speech classes with a british teacher or go live in England for a while and see the accent.

Why does Gloria Riviera have a British accent?

Gloria Riviera lives in London as a UK-based correspondent for ABC News. Americans living abroad often pick up an accent as most of the people they talk to on a daily basis speak with a local accent.

Why do British people lose their accents when they sing?

It's a complex issue, not easily explained in print, rather than with vocal examples, but here's a start. Accents show up largely in (1) the rhythms and tempo of speech; (2) voice quality; (3) the "melody" of speech, the musical pitches, a feature known as "intonation." First the matter of intonati ( Full Answer )

Actors that has a british accent?

All of the actors from Britain. Try John Cleese, Rowin atkinson, Stephen fry... hugh grant michael caine pierce brosnan patrick stewart sean connery

Why do Americans hate the British accent?

Because, the accent makes Brits sound weak and midget like. Ialways thought as a child, Brits were people with special needs,because of the way they talked.

Did Marie Curie have a British Accent?

No. She was Polish-born and lived there until the age of 24 when she moved to France where she lived until her death. It's unlikely she even spoke much English.

Why do English singers sing with an American accent?

I think you'll find most singers (English and American) sing in a neutral accent. It sounds slightly British and slightly American. This is because: 1.) They want to make their music more marketable over the pond. Every British artist wants to make to big in America, and every American artist wa ( Full Answer )

Why don't Australians have British accents?

The simple answer is because they are not British! Australians developed their unique accent because of the accents of the original settlers (who came from various parts of the UK but with a high concentration of Londoners and Irish) and the unique social setting of the penal colony and the subseque ( Full Answer )

Do the British have their own accent?

Yes The British accent is very distinctive Further The above should perhaps read, British accents are distinctive. There are great many of them, more than anywhere else in the English-speaking world, as you'd expect since "England" is where English originated, and English is the everyday languag ( Full Answer )

What does the British accent sound like?

There is no single word that can encapture the "British accent" since there are many dialects. Possible answers range from pompous to uneducated and fill the entire spectrum therein.

Does Britney Spears have a British accent?

Britney Spears does not have a British accent. She was raised in Louisiana, so she actually has a bit of a southern accent, which can be heard in interviews like the one in the Related Links section below.

Does anyone know of any male british opera singers who sing in English?

They can all sing in English if they're from England, assuming of course that English is their native language and not Gaelic or Welsh. The issue therefore lies in the language the song was written in. Ask them to sing an Italian opera, it will be in Italian. Ask them to sing "God Save the Queen" an ( Full Answer )

Why do Americans love British accents?

I think maybe because it is just different and rare to hear, I live in a small village in northern US and I've only talked to about two people with a British accent while not traveling. Personally I think they are just more attractive than American accents, I'm not sure if it is because I'm American ( Full Answer )

Did George Orwell have a British accent?

His mother took him to England when he was a year old, so he must have had one. this could be possible but keep in mind the fact that he moved out to go to Spain and was there for a year or so so that could have changed things. yes it is likely for him to have an accent then again there i ( Full Answer )

Is it wrong if a singer has accent?

I would say NO. The voice of the singer does not have to have a accent or not, it would just be good if the singer had an appropriate song to go with his accent, but still, the accent does not matter.

What do Americans think of the British accent?

Personally, I love the British accent and wish that I could hear it all of the time. No certain part of Britain has an accent that bothers me. Every American will have a different opinion and remember Britain has a huge range of different accents.

Why don't Americans have British accents?

I don't see why they don't. The British DID colonize America, and Canada! The Australians and New Zealanders got them. Why? MY ANSWER: America had a huge influx of non-British people, especially after the war of Independence. And I'm sure that since we did REBEL from Britain, a British accent ( Full Answer )

Did John Lennon have a British accent?

Obviously, yes; he was from Liverpool, A Northern City in England, Great Britain. He spoke with an English dialect known as 'Scouse', which is native to Liverpool and its surrounding areas. While the other Beatles had/have seemingly contrasting voices, they too were from Liverpool and all of their ( Full Answer )

What celebrities have british accents?

1. Hugh Laurie ( Plays on House ) 2. Daniel Radcliffe (Plays ithe main protagonist Harry Potter in the Harry Potter films) 3. Tom Felton ( Plays Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films) 4. Calem Blue ( Plays Major/General Zod in Smallville) 5. Emma Watson ( Plays Hermonie Granger in the Harry Potter ( Full Answer )

Does Christian Bale have a british accent?

Yes, he does but it's rare that he speaks with it in public as he is a method actor and speaks in the accent the character that he is playing at all promotional events. Google old videos of him (eg Little Women days) to hear his English accent.

Why does Madonna talk with a British Accent?

She doesn't. People who know what the various British accents really sound like will recognize that Madonn'a does not speak with one. Madonna does often over-enunciate and with very measured, controlled diction. It makes her sound stilted (or perhaps constipated), rather than British. As with ever ( Full Answer )

Does carlisle Cullen have a british accent?

He was born sometime in the early 1640s in London, England. Though Peter Facinelli recognized that Carlisle might have had an English accent, he did not use a strong one when filming Twilight because he thinks Carlisle would have adapted to his surroundings and dropped the accent to avoid attention. ( Full Answer )

I'm from the US- why do I sing with a British accent?

Many American music teachers and choral directors promote some pronunciations that are more typical of British speech. In a chorus, it is always preferable to have everyone following some standard and so pronouncing things the same way, instead of having five different sounds for the same word at t ( Full Answer )

Why do you have American and british accent?

Imagine a group of people who live together and speak the same way. Any change in the way they speak (their dialect) will either pass to the whole community, or drop out of usage. Imagine some of those people move elsewhere and start their own community. Each group may develop different slang and ( Full Answer )

Do British people think in a British accent?

Well what nationality are you? do you think in your accent? Ifso, you've already answered your own question. . +++ . -) Not just accent - local dialect, too!

Why don't people have an accent when they sing?

Some people do have an accent while they sing, for example "Camille" ( a french singer) does have a slight accent when she sings in English. As a whole however, the act of singing is essentially talking and stretching out the vowel sounds. In most languages, vowel sounds are universal; so when they ( Full Answer )

Why does Ferb have a British accent?

Ferb is British. He and his dad, Lawrence Fletcher, moved to Danville after Lawrence got married to Linda Flynn. I don't know who Candace and Phineas's real father is, but Ferb is Linda's stepson. Ferb was born in England to Lawrence Fletcher and an unnamed mother. Eventually, Ferb and his fathe ( Full Answer )

How did the British get their accents?

There are hundreds of British accents and they originated where people lived and worked. Before WW2 in Britain,people did not move around a lot and many local dialects and accents thrived and still existed in rural areas into the 1970's.

Are british people born with accents?

we're born making baby noises that resemble the sounds around us, when we start to make longer sounds that resemble words and also resemble details of pronunciation that we've heard and the accent begins.

Where do people speak with a British accent?

There is actually no such thing as a British accent. There is an English accent, a Scottish accent, an Irish accent, or a Welsh accent.  These are generally spoken within their own countries (English in England, Scottish in Scotland, etc.). However, people all over the world may have a breed of a ( Full Answer )

Does slash have a British accent?

No but slash used to have a thick british accent before he moved to America aged 11 then it eventually faded away

Why do singers loose their accents when singing?

Many singers modify their pronunciation while singing in order to have their words be better understood. Also, some vowel sounds blend in the music better when they are not pronounced with a strong accent.

Why do Brits sing in an American accent?

It shows that only American Non Regional is the correct and easiest way to sing. All other accents are contrived, region quirks, over or under pronouncing Rs being the most common. Usually you can chalk it up to lazy.

Do British dogs bark with British accents?

According to a 2006 study by the Canine Behaviour Centre inCumbria, dogs do exhibit regional accents in their barks andgrowls. The study found that a dog raised in Liverpool will havehigher pitched growls that are thought to be a result of mimickingthe human accent of the region which is also of a h ( Full Answer )

Who is the singer of Shawty Get loose song?

The singer of the song Shawty Get loose is Lil Mama. It is on the album "Voice of the Young People" and was released on February 12th 2008 (digital in US).

What makes a British accent distinctive?

In various ways a British accent is distinctive. In many areas of England they don't roll there r's. British people also don't always pronounce the h in many words when it is the first letter of a word.

What are the different types of British accents?

There are a few varieties of British accents similar to American accents it depends on the region where the person is from. Some of which include Liverpool and Manchester.

Do nuns speak with a British accent?

If the nun is British, she probably will have a British accent. Ifshe's German, she'll probably have a German accent.