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Q: Why do PEOPLE do a skill practice in PE?
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How can i make my speaking and writing skill?

Practice, practice, practice and read books

If you practice a skill while you are tired or sore will your skill decrease?

Of course

Why is listening is a skill?

Listening is a skill because it takes practice to get good at it. Most people can listen, but people tend to selectively choose the words they actually hear. Some people are good at listening, others are not.

What is a good thing to practice at in runescape?

That depends what skill you want to practice.

How do you practice that skill?

Your question must say what the skill is, in order for anyone to answer your question.

How do you get an A in PE?

practice alot on what your bad at. i know it can be really hard!

What is nigeria code of advertising practice?

ori ko pe!

What should i do to improve your badminton skill?


How do ventriloquist's talk like that?

Skill. (and practice)

How can i improve my grammar skill?

Study and practice! =)

Describe how you could develop the skill have identified in skill knowledge and attitude?

You can develop the identified skill by regular practice.

Is it easier to learn to play the guitar if you are willing to practice?

Practice is essential to learning any skill, including the skill of playing a musical instrument.

How do you paint realistically with acrylic paint?

Requires skill that only comes with knowledge and practice. Study, practice. Repeat until satified with skill level.

Is practice is an important step in mastering a skill?


Describe how could you develop you skill in identified in skill knowlede attitude?

Consistent practice is one way in which you develop your skill in identified in skill knowledge attitude.

How do you get a charisma skill point?

In the Sims? Practice talking in a mirror.

How do you improve skill in petz horsez 2?

Practice a lot

What do you call pe for high school people?

It can be a sport or general pe. If you don't take a sport, you take general pe

How do you fix this run-on sentence Brewing tea is not a simple matter it is a fine art that requires practice and skill?

Brewing tea is not a simple matter; it is a fine art that requires practice and skill.

Brewing tea is not a simple matter it is a fine art that requires practice and skill How do you fix this run-on?

Brewing tea is not a simple matter; it is a fine art that requires both practice and skill.

How can I practice the speaking skill of English language and I can't find anyone speak with me?

Watch alot of Television in order to hear the people communicating. Learn from them and practice the different speaking skills on your own.

What word starts with pe and ends with e?

People starts with 'pe' and ends with 'e'.

How pitchers can throw faster?

Skill's and talent but lets not forget the practice!

How do you get more confidence?

This is a learned skill, and the only way to get better at it is to practice it.

How do you draw a video game controler?

With great skill and lots of practice.