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because the Philippines have many faults

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The adjustments of materials that follow a major earthquake often generate smaller earthquakes called

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Q: Why do Philippines always experience earthquake?
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Why Philippines experience frequent earthquake?

we cannot go in beach if we didn't have money

Why the Philippines prone to earthquake?

Philippines is an earthquake prone because it belongs to the Pacific Ring of Fire

Are earthquakes always in Philippines?

No. Earthquakes are all over the world all the time. The Newcastle earthquake was in Australia!

Why does the Philippines experience earthquakes?

why deos the philippines experience earthquakes

What are the earthquakes in the Philippines that happened in the year 2001?

There were no earthquakes in 2001, the closest year to have a earthquake in the Philippines is in 2002. It is the Mindanao earthquake at the bottom of the Philippines

What was the first recorded earthquake in the Philippines?

the first recorded earthquake is the killer earthquake in luzon

Did Philippines have a earthquake?

I believe so.

Where did a earthquake happen?

Earthquakes can happen in the Philippines, Or China We Had An Earthquake In Canada Too...

What historical experience does the Philippines share with Africa?

what historical experience do philippines share with africa

What are the environmental issues after the earthquake in the Philippines?

what are the environmental issues after the earth quake in the Philippines

Why is the Philippines considered an earthquake prone area?

The Philippines is earthquake-prone because it lies near the edge of a tectonic plate that is involved in subduction.

What did napier experience in 1931?

An earthquake

Examples of a calamity in the Philippines?

earthquake tsunami and typhoon

Most significant earthquake in the Philippines?

The largest earthquake in Philippines was magnitude 7.9 on August 16, 1976. The second largest was 7.7 on July 16, 1990.

Is Stockton Ca going to have a earthquake?

Yes; Stockton, CA will experience an earthquake.

Why is the America experience night while the Philippines experience day?

Because the Philippines is on the opposite side of the planet to america !

What area of British Columbia is most likely to experience an earthquake?

The area around Vancouver Island is the most likely to experience an earthquake. A serious earthquake is in the forecast for sometime this century.

Why do earthquake often in the Philippines?

because its near the equator, I think

List of 10 strongest earthquake in Philippines?

magnitude 11111100000000000

What does your earthquake map reveal about the frequency of earthquakes in the Philippines?

it reveals about how many times earthquakes occur in the Philippines

Does a small earthquake mean that a larger earthquake is coming?

Not always

When did Ghana experience her last earthquake?

They have never experienced an earthquake but they only experienced floods.

How likely will Maryland experience an earthquake?

Unlikely to experience a major seismic event

Why does the Philippines experience many earthquakes?

becaus the philippines is in the pacific ring of fire

What are the the 2 seasons of the Philippines?

The two seasons that the Philippines experience are hot and wet.