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Check for a burned out bulb or could be the turn signal flasher going bad

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โˆ™ 2008-01-28 21:13:40
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Q: Why do Slow blinking turn signal on 2002 camaro?
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change the flasher to a slower blinking brand. They are cheap and you can try a few brands

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On the turn signal lever, slide the cruise control switch to on with thumb(there are 3 possitions here, off, on, reset slide in that order). Drive up to the desired speed and press the signal lever on the center with your index finger, this will set the speed. When safe, release pedal and feel for reaction from the car itself. The Camaro will slow down slightly but will almost immediately regain speed if the cruise control engaged properly. Pressing the brake dis engages the cruise control. Sliding the switch to reset will reset the set speed and in the camaro this may come as a shock if the vehicle has much speed to make up like from 40 mph to 80. Be careuful.

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