Abusive Relationships and Domestic Violence

Why do abusers punish you with the silent treatment?


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Please read the post I just made in the "Relationship section" under abuse. Hope it helps. Marcy


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The silent treatment puts the opponent/victim on the back foot forcing a renewed peacekeeping initiative which can be rebuffed and savoured as a further triumph, or, on the other hand, producing an angry response - shouting or blows - which allows the passive aggressor to be cast as the victim and brand the victim as the aggressor.

Drug abusers can go to rehab or a treatment center. Teens can go to juvenile detention.

Men giving silent treatment to their wives occurs when they have had a disagreement or argument. Some wives also give their husbands the silent treatment when they fall out.

Don't be a jerk by having an affair in the first place. You get the silent treatment, you get all you deserve.

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The silent treatment is abusive.

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The "silent treatment" never stands to prove anything because you have to talk things out to be able to try and resolve whatever it is that is going on. The "silent treatment" is unproductive and not worth the time actually it is a huge waste of time. It is not worth wasting the time as we should be thankful for our time with another not arguing about petty things or playing these petty immature games.

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The silent treatment is used often by a mate because they do not want to get into an argument as it only fuels the fire. However continuously being silent does not resolve the problem either and the person who remains silent has options of either leaving that person; getting psychiatric help to deal with the situation. 'The silent treatment' can be misused because some abusive mates will use this to intimidate their other half. As with many other things in life the 'silent treatment' from another person in a bad relationship is often misunderstood.

Coercion Treatment is often used in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. It aims to give abusers the opportunity to feel, face or experience the consequences of their addictions which in term hopefully motivates them to succeed in becoming clean.

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An alcohol abuser could get treatment, or self help treatment by going to alcoholics anonymous meetings, as well as getting a sponsor. If the person can not do that, or doesn't want to, you could take them to a detox.

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Because he is regreting having you as a friend

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