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Why do babies cry?

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Babies cry because it is there way of expressing themselves

because they can't talk. They can't come up to you and "say hey I'm


It is normal for a baby to cry. Crying also serves to form a

bond between the mother / caretaker and the baby.

HOWEVER, if your baby cries endlessly, cannot be soothed or

comforted, and if the crying seems related to feeding/nursing or if

there is increased crying after being fed, then the baby should be

checked by a doctor.

Babies cry because they could:

  • be wet or have soiled the diaper
  • be cold OR too hot
  • be hungry
  • be in pain - example, a diaper pin on cloth diaper is poking


  • have gassy pains
  • have to BURP- we all have to!
  • be constipated
  • be in pain - colic can cause lots of chronic belly pain
  • be tired / need to sleep
  • be fevered from a cold, from teething, or another illness
  • be fevered after a vaccination
  • be teething
  • be lonely
  • need their mom or dad
  • want to be carried
  • have been started by something or someone

Basically, the major cries of a newborn to older infant


  • hunger
  • thirst
  • pain
  • illness
  • need held/comforting

    Contrary to the opinions of some mothers, babies should

    never be left to cry endlessly or to cry themselves

    to sleep. They cry because either they don't have comfort ,love or

    attention.Also they cry because they need their diaper changed,they

    need their feeding of milk or soft foods or they want to sleep!!!So

    parents please treat your child with love and care and pay close

    attention you do not want to lose the most precious thing in the

    world over a childish situation.

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