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Some people have designated drivers. Or just go to have like 1 beer. Or just soda. Or work there. So those people could drive.

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Q: Why do bars have parking lots when drinking and driving is an offense?
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What are the drinking laws in Sweden?

you have to be 18 to drink alcohol in restaurants and bars, but 20 to buy it otherwise. If you are driving, you can hav max. 0,02% alcohol in your body

Do liquor bars in Florida need to provide handicap parking?

Any business that provides public parking is required to provide handicapped parking.

What is the drinking age in Denmark?

Legal drinking age is 16. In bars you must be 18.

Why do bars have parking lots?

Not everyone drinks alcoholic drinks when at a bar, so they might drive. And although Drink Driving is a big problem, there are still plenty of people out there who will drive to the bar with friends or family and because they are driving, only consume soft drinks.

How old you have to be to get into bars in Georgia?

Clubs and bars are places that people go to drink alcohol and have fun. Like most states, the bars in Georgia require a person to be of legal drinking age to enter. Legal drinking age is 21 in the United States.

What has the author Georg Wedemeyer written?

Georg Wedemeyer has written: 'Kneipe & politische Kultur' -- subject(s): Bars (Drinking establishments), Political culture, Social aspects of Bars (Drinking establishments)

What is a barfly?

A barfly is a person who habitually frequents bars or similar drinking establishments.

Do bars and liquor stores strictly enforce the 20 drinking age in Iceland?

Yes. You won't even be able to enter the bars after certain hours.

What has the author Chum Grinder written?

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How old is the drinking age in Macedonia?

Like the rest of Greece, the legal drinking age is 18 to be served in restaurants, bars, discos etc

How old do you have to be to go to pubs and bars in England?

18 Is the drinking age, so 18.

What is the age to get into bars in St. Louis?

Legal drinking age in Missouri is 21

Did Blue laws violate the separation of church and state?

No. They are preventing drinking generally on Sunday. The state has the right to regulate bars and drinking. Religion has nothing to do with it.

What has the author Dave Twamley written?

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What has the author Sean Parnell written?

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What has the author Wendy Mitchell written?

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Is it legal for a 19 year old to be in a bar if they are not drinking?

In many bars you can be 18, and as long as you are not caught drinking or attempting to buy drinks you are perfectly within the law. Many downtown bars and clubs have it set to where you must be at least 18 to go, but (obviously) 21 to drink. This is usually to attract more women to the bars so that they aren't all guys.

What has the author Peggy Mullis written?

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What is the legal age to enter bar in new york?

It depends on the bar. The drinking age is 21. However, bars are allowed to have people as young as 18 as long as they are not drinking.

Why did many women want to end drinking of alcohol?

Because all the men were spending there checks at the bars.

Can Jehovah witnesses party at bars?

Sure. Drinking of alcohol is permitted in moderation and there is no rules against partying.

Should married women go to bars alone?

Women should NEVER be in bars without their man. Bars are for meeting people and filled with people drinking. Dinners, Broadways Shows, The Beach, Movies etc... all of those are great ways for Women to Bond and spend time with their friends. Not at Bars.

Removing torsion bars bad for truck?

The torsion bars are used in place of the front coil springs. So if you mean removing them and driving it around like that.....YES.

How do most people get home from bars after they've been drinking and their car is there?

Taxi cabs or a designated sober driver.

What are some good bars near Mile High Stadium?

Brooklyn's is directly across the parking lot from Mile High and it has an outstanding reputation.