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Why do baseball players where braided necklaces?

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it is a titanium necklace that evens out the iron and blood flow in your body. they also wear bracelets

Simply an affectation by individuals.

Athletes are wearing these necklaces in an effort to enhance their performances during the game. They are liquid titanium magnet necklaces that are meant to help with blood circulation, energy and pain relief. More often then not, players are superstitious. When it comes to the World Series, the players are looking for any advantage that will give them an edge and help them win the title.

Phiten necklaces. They contain titanium and help to relax muscles for better performance.

they wear jersey's, hats,socks,belts,cleats,pants,and sometimes necklaces.

They are called Tornado Necklaces. The necklaces are made up of Germanium, Titanium and Anions that is infused into the material of the necklace. It is said from the company that makes the necklaces that this energy is then released into the body to help enhance athletic performance and reduce fatigue. They sell for $19.99.

The necklaces are made by a Japanese company called Phiten. They have titanium inside and supposedly relieve pain, give energy, etc.(See the Related question.)

The baseball players usually have two phiten necklaces twisted into one necklace. Both necklaces are different colors. The phiten necklaces are used to stabilize the flow of energy in your body. Injuries, fatigue, and low oxygen levels disrupt the normal flow of energy in your system. Without the proper energy flow, your muscles increase in tension and fatigue is worsened as your body tries to compensate for the lost energy.

Baseball players are notoriously superstitious. They'll wear the same underwear for months without laundering if they believe it will help their game in some way. Think of Dumbo, and the "magic feather" that helped him fly. Completely useless, but it was a crutch that helped Dumbo's confidence. Same with these necklaces.

Titanium Necklaces One of the latest trends in baseball necklaces includes the Phiten Brand Titanium Necklace. Baseball players report better control, less pain, and more stamina from wearing this special neckwear and bracelet designed in Japan. Aqua Titanium has been popular among Japanese Baseball players for years, and even though there is some scientific debate as to its effectiveness, players can't do without them. Given that baseball is a sport surrounded by superstition, cursed goats, pianos in lakes, unchanged socks, and lucky bats, it doesn't matter whether the Phiten Titanium Necklace can make you better on the field, considering Yogi Berra's immortal quote on how much of the game is mental. Make sure to order your titanium necklace before next year's baseball season, and enjoy it off the field as well. The necklace comes in all MLB team colors and styles, so you can cheer on your team while you enjoy the "energy" effects of these fine necklaces.REFERE TO LINK POSTED @ BOTTOM OF PAGE

They are suppose to help you with balance and concentration. They come in different brands and colors.

It is suppose to provide some sort of therapy for thier body.

they are not heavy, it is called a power/ balance bands, some do different things: strength balance etc.

They are phiten necklaces that slowly release low doses of iron into your body. This causes less friction in your muscles which allows your muscles to move mor freely.

They are known as tornado necklaces.

there 25 baseball players on a baseball team

yes there are necklaces like bead necklaces.

there are 9 players on the baseball field.

baseball players stech befor

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