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This usually only happens when the birds are protecting their nests.

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What are some similarities between cats and birds?

cats like to chase and eat birds, and birds like to fly to get away from cats.

Why do cats chase birds?

its because they are hungry or they can annoy then and cats think they are toys

Can you make your cat be friendly with pet birds like pigeons and chicken?

No, not really. Cats usually chase chickens, birds, and pigeons.

Can cats kill birds?

Yes cats can kill birds! Cats love birds and will chase them and possibly kill them. This is because cats are a carnivorous species which stalks small species - like birds - for food and fun. They have sharp claws and excellent balance, they can climb high in the trees in stalk of a bird in order to catch one.

Do dogs chase chickens?

Yes, dogs do chase chickens. Just like SOME dogs (if not trained) chase cats, or others chase rabbits, or birds, or frogs, or mice, or other small creatures.

Name something cats can chase all day?

rodents yarn birds tail ball dogs

Do dogs chase birds?

Yes, dogs do chase birds

Do cats chase fish?

Cats love to chase and eat fish

What are birds enemies?

Birds enemies are humans, possums, foxes, dog and big cats. Humans shoot them and foxes and possums ruin under ground nests. Dogs kill and chase big cats eat them.

Why do cats chase rabbits?

Cats will chase rabbits because, quite simply, rabbits are a natural prey item. While the most common animals the domestic cat will chase and eat are mice, rats and birds, some cats that are allowed to roam outside have been known to catch, kill and eat wild rabbits.

Why do dogs chase birds?

Dogs chase birds because they are predators and birds are is as simple as that.

Why do dogs chase after cats?

Dogs chasing cats is a stereotype but they will chase cats and other things if they are excited

Do cats chase ducks?

Yes. Cats chase basically anything that moves.

Do Puli dogs chase cats?

Any dog breed can chase cats.

Do cats chase dog?

Cats chase dogs SOMETIMES!It depends on the situation.

When was To Chase Away the Birds created?

To Chase Away the Birds was created in 1995.

Do cats like too chase dogs or cats .?

they actually like to chase mice

Are Shih Tzus a common breed that chase cats?

All dogs chase cats.

Do birds eat cats?

No, birds do not eat cats.

Why are there no cats or birds in Prague?

There ARE cats and birds. I live here!

Do cats chase dogs or dogs chase them?

Both. Depending on the dog and cat, dogs can chase cats, but some feisty or territorial cats are more than capable in chasing away a dog.

Do squirrels chase birds?


Why do Cats eat Robins?

because they are birds, and cats eat birds if they can catch them.

Are cats very nice to birds?

no because cats like to eat birds

Do birds eat wild cats?

no not at all wild cats eat birds.

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