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Q: Why do bulbs and tubelights have a glass covering?
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Is light from bulbs and tubelights is the example of visible light?


Are sodium light bulbs made of glass?

Yes, Sodium bulbs have a glass center piece and a glass bulb surround.

Will painting the glass covering a coil of PVC pipe with black paint reduce the heating efficiency?

The glass covering on what?

What are light bulbs made out of?

glass and such

What type of glass is used for light bulbs?

glass with powder coating

What is a person that makes glass bulbs called?

A person who makes glass is a glassmith if that helps

Who makes glass bulbs in Edison's time?


Should you cover iris bulbs in winter?

Iris do not need covering in winter.

How do you set up a moth trap?

A sheet with a sticky material on it, is palced in the field with a source of light for example bulbs, tubelights, torch etc. This needs to be done at night. The moths are attracted towards light and they stick to the sheet.

What is function of the choke in lamp circuit?

The function of a choke in a lamp circuit is to produce high voltage. In tubelights, the high voltage is essential for ionisation of the gas which is present in tubelights.

How do you use bulbs in a sentence?

We planted lots of Tulip bulbs in the Autumn.

What is a light bulbs raw material?

Glass, metal, inert gas.