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Because a truck is typically 1) heavier, 2) less aerodynamic, 3) has lower gear ratios (to better pull/haul a load), and 4) they don't *have* to get good mileage - Federal CAFE standards don't apply to most trucks

I hate it when people pull a bunch of random nonsense out of their A** trying to sound smart. CAFE Standards as of 2007 apply to all vehicles under 10000lbs GVWR sold in The United States of America and the new CAFE standards that are going to apply to model years 2012-2017 are going to be even worse.

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Q: Why do cars get better gas mileage than trucks?
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Do diesel trucks get better gas mileage than regular gas trucks?

Yes, diesel trucks generally get much better gas mileage than regular gas trucks. They even sometimes get better gas mileage than hybrid trucks.

What to girls like better cars or trucks?

yes trucks are better than because cars you can do a lot more with a truck than you can with cars

Truck are better than cars?

yes trucks are better than car because you can do a lot more thing with truck than you can cars

Why petrol cars gives more mileage than diesel cars?

They don't. Diesels get better mileage and last longer.

Hybrid cars get better gas mileage than cars with standards engines?


Do pick up trucks get good gas mileage?

Compared to cars, pickup trucks get bad gas mileage. However, if you can find a hybrid or especially fuel-efficient model of truck (for example, Ford trucks tend to be slightly more fuel efficient than Toyota trucks) you may be able to get good gas mileage.

If gasonline prices increase does the demand for motorcycles increase or decrease?

Since motorcycles normally get better mileage than cars/trucks, I would think it's obvious that the demand for them increases.

Do 2012 cars get better mileage than '93 Buicks?

Newer cars are geared towards being more fuel efficient than older cars. Cars made in 2012, depending on engine size, will likely get much better gas mileage than your 1993 Buick. These older cars were geared more towards comfort and power and less towards improved gas mileage.

Do teen girls like boys with trucks better than boys with cars?

Probably not

How do ford trucks rate in gas mileage compared to other makes?

Ford trucks are usually worse than other makes when comparing gas mileage. Brands like Toyota and Mazda are better.

Why is it better to buy a hybrid car than a regular car?

There are many reasons why hybrid cars are better than regular cars. One reason is that hybrid cars get better gas mileage than regular vehicles. Another reason is that hybrid cars help protect the environment.

Are cars safer than trucks?

no, because cars are smaller in size and trucks are bigger in size

Do Trucks take longer to stop than passenger cars?

Trucks take longer to stop than passenger cars.

What are some refutes of why bicycles are better than cars?

Bicycles give you more gas mileage.

Do Hybrids have lower emissions than standard vehicles?

Hybrid cars have substantially lower exhaust emissions than normal cars and are better for the environment. Hybrid cars of all types get much better mileage per gallon of gas than normal cars.

What is better Ford or Chevrolet?

Chevy is far better than ford in most cars and trucks. The Chevy 2500 HD is better than the ford F 250. CHEVY IS BETTER!!

Are diesel pickup trucks better than hybrid trucks?

the advantage diesel pickup trucks have is that they have been around for a while, the technology has been proven, and they are cheaper. The disadvantage is the gas mileage. Compare and decide for yourself.

Are Toyata trucks better than Chevy trucks?

no definatley not, Toyota is a car company that mostly focuses on cars and how fuel efficient they can make those cars but do not pay very much attention to their trucks. so in my oppinion chevs are better but really u should just go with a ford

Why do cars in Europe get better gas mileage?

Most are diesel powered stick shift models that are smaller and lighter than American cars.

In medieval times did they ride cars trucks?

Motorised cars and trucks have existed for less than 120 years.

Did 1972 pickups get worse gas milage than 2010 pickups?

1972 pickups where not equipped to handled better gas mileage so of course there mileage is lower then the 2010. The newer trucks but more equipment in to handle better gas mileage with new technology.

Which type of vehicles have the best gas mileage?

A smaller car with 3 or 4 cylinders usually gets the best gas mileage. Also, hybrid cars tend to get better mileage on the city streets than regular cars because of their regenerative braking.

Does Chevy sell more trucks or cars each year?

The demand for cars and trucks varies each year by the consumer depending on the economy, gas prices, and other economic factors such as income. Therefore, Chevy may sell more cars than trucks in one year and more trucks than cars in another.

What are the most fuel efficient vehicles including both hybrid and/or conventional trucks and cars?

Overall, smaller more compact cars will have better fuel efficiency than larger heavier SUV's. While the average mileage of a compact hybrid is close to 40MPG, average SUV MPG is closer to 20.

Do cars flip more than SUV?

no actually suv's are easier to flip than cars and trucks