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Why do cats have to pee?


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un used fluids .........................why do you have to pee?

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cats dont pee on the tioet they decide to pee on there owners clothes so they stink like

Cats learn best through behavior modeling. Bring your cats to your neighbors yard, and demonstrate the behavior. It is imperative that you actually pee in the yard in order for the cats to understand what you are doing. Do this over and over, and reward the cats with treats when they pee in the yard.

They sit down and pee normally

They usually pee with their tail up. Female cats can also spray to mark territory as males do.

Cats pee in sand because after burying their waste, they can hide their smell from predators or other cats. Hiding this smell also helps them with hunting.

They pee on your bed because they don't like you or you were mean to them.

no they do not pee like male dogs

Cats Most Definetly pee on people. I have a cat and he sometimes pee's on me and my sister for no reason Most cats don't do it for no reason sometimes its because you pulled their tail wouldn't give them food etc So yeah to answer your question not all but SOME cats pee on people

Cats pee on cars, and other objects, to mark their territory. An unnuetered male cat will do this more often, as their natural instincts tell them to. Neutered cats will do this, but much less. is the answer to all your problems

trick question, they dont.

you stick its nose in it and genteelly swat it on the rear then if its solid put it in its cat box and cats usually pee in the same place

They better be able to pee right after birth or there is something really wrong.

No, cats wee all over the place because for them it is marking their territory; its like humans putting a flag on land to show its theirs. They do sometimes pee places because they are jealous of other cats, though.

The way you get rid of pee smell you have to clean the litter.....or you have to put a special powder that would make the pee smell gone free!

shut up! eat doo doo and drink pee smoothie.

Because it's anti-social.

The same reason as humans do. They have to get rid of their liquid waste.

No, they use the same organs as humans do to urinate.

I have owned two male cats and have walked in while they were doing their business. So the answer to this question is they squat like female cats.

A kitten that isn't house trained may pee on say, a wooden surface. Most cats prefer to dig though, so they use earth or litter trays.

[ do u pee wen ur mad?} well then obhiously they go when they need to go its

I'm not quite sure how maybe you should talk to a vet about your cats problem with not listening to you

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