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Often it is because the system is overheating and must shut down in order to avoid melting. Cleaning dust out of your computer, checking to make sure the fan, heat sink, and cooling system is working properly, or replacing (or installing) the cooling system may just take care of your problem. Also, you may have a virus, which can be removed with most retail anti-virus software.

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What is the opposite of reboot?

Keep running. Do not shut down.

What is stored on a computers harddrive?

Everything. All of the code that tells the computer how to boot up and shut down and all of your files and programs.

How do you reboot a computer completely?

There is only one way to safely reboot. Close all of your programs and click on the shut-off or restart button on your PC. What people do not realize is there are 20 or 30 programs running in the background and if you just hit the power off button without shutting down your PC those files can get corrupted and cause problems.

How do you stop Restarting automatically after being shut down?

Computers don't restart after shutting down. You probably have some setting on your OS which give the computer the command to always reboot. Change that setting.

Do you have to turn off your computer everyday?

You do not have to turn off your computer every day but computers can use a lot of while doing nothing. If you don't want to shut down then a hibernate option will save all of the programs you have open and then allow you to shut down, next time you start your machine all of the same programs will be there.

How do i re boot my computer?

You can reboot your computer by long-pressing on the shut-down button of the computer.

Can cops trace computers when they are shut off?

Yes, they can.

Will reboot delete files?

No it will not. Rebooting or restarting a computer will not delete files unless you reboot it via a hard shut down by pulling the plug or holding the power button until the machine dies.

Why do you shut down computers?

Because you don't want them to be turned on

Is ram memory saved when you shut off the computer?

No, it's not. That's why when you reboot, everything has to be reloaded in the system again like the operating system and software you use. The hard drive stores it and then reloads it on each reboot.

What do you do if your computer freezes at odd times?

shut it down then reboot it to see if that works .if not then call a coumpter yech to come out and work on it

How do you reboot your hp compaq nc6000?

Booting is the process of starting windows. So just shut your engine off and restart.

How do you shut down running programs?

Use the task manager

How do you reboot your computer?

Rebooting is the process of shutting down and restarting your computer again. All you have to do is click the Start button / pearl, and select "Shut down." You will be prompted with a list of power options, including Shut down (turn the power off) and Restart (momentarily turns computer off and then back on). To reboot, simply select the Restart option.

How do you re boot your computer?

Reboot is basically just re-starting the machine. Turn it off PROPERLY, click Start, restart or shut down. If you shut down you must restart it of course, but DO NOT turn it off by holding down the power button on the machine, that`s called a Hard Reboot and is only done if the machine is not responding to anything.

How do you reboot laptop?

The same as with desktop computers. If you have windows: click on start (in the left-bottom of the screen) and click on (the little arrow next to, if you have windows 7) shut down. You'll get a menu, asking if you want to save energy, restart or shut down. Click on restart. If you have OSX (macbook): click on the little apple icon in the left-top of the screen and click on restart. Hope this helped!

Why do we hold down or press the start button to turn off our computers?

Using the "start" button to shut down your computer gives your system a "heads up", if you will, that you are shutting it down. Shutting a computer down abruptly could be destructive to the system if you shut it down in the middle of an important process.

Why you shoul shut down computers?

to save energy and for you to save your sight and memory.

There are 40 computers total with 7 computers that are defective. 10 are selected at random. If one defect is found the plant will be shut down. What is the probability the plant will be shut down?

not likely and near impossible

How can i restart?

Reboot your PC, If i wont shut down turn your PC off manually, wait ten seconds, then see if your problems are fixed.

What to do if computer shut down by itself?

Computers can sometimes shut down by themselves because of an update. If it doesn't do it again then you likely have nothing to worry about.

Why does it take a long time for your computer to turn off?

There are a lot of programs running in the backround which need to shut off properly before your computer can shut down. To see these programs, press Ctrl/Alt/Delete to get the Task Manager, click on programs running tab and you will see a list of all the programs running.

Why did the ENIAC shut down?

The ENIAC was eventually shut down because more advanced, easier to use, and cheaper to operate computers became available.

How many computers per 1000 people in India shut up betch?


When I shut off my windows 7 and reboot all of the personal settings revert back to default Does anyone know what I can do to keep all of my personal settings each time I reboot?

try to save the information not on that drive on which u have saved your computer..... n when u reboot only delete that partition on which u had saved your window Zain R Hamid