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Not all do, just like not all blind people have excellent hearing. It is said that when you lose one sense, the other four kick it into high-gear to make up for the loss.

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Q: Why do deaf people see better?
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How do deaf people see a movie?

subtitles (:

How do deaf people know when a baby is crying?

they can probably see it

What is proper etiquette of communication for hearing people when around deaf people?

The most polite way is to communicate using sign language, because bothe the hearing people and deaf people can see and it is the best way for both to benefit. If people try to talk to deaf people when they know they're deaf, this is extremely rude.

Why do deaf people sign if they can speak vocally?

Being able to speak vocally works OK when a deaf person is speaking TO a hearing person but when both people are deaf neither can hear what the other person is saying. Signing therefore enables communication between deaf people and would be a better way for a hearing person to say something TO a deaf person. If you can hear why don't you learn how to sign!

What can deaf people do?

To Sign Language with deaf people

Was Thomas Edison ever deaf?

yes he did he was deaf but after sometime he did not care if he was deaf it was better for him to concentrate

What is a person that can't see or hear called?

The people that can't hear are called deaf and the people that can't see are called blind.

How do people who are deaf get around?

Just because their Deaf doesn't mean they cant see... They rely on Sight and smell and touch to get around or communicate.

Can deaf people get married?

Yes, deaf people can get married.

How do deaf people handle relationships?

they did to go out with deaf people

Is there a social media so the deaf can meet the hearing?

The deaf and hard of hearing can easily use everyday social media to get in touch with deaf and non-deaf people, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Flickr.However, there are some networks available which specialise for deaf people to meet other deaf or non-deaf individuals.For example:SnoorfiDeafChatAllDeafThere are also specialist media for deaf dating, if that's what you're looking for:Deaf-MatchDeaf PassionsSee the related links below.

What is worse about deaf?

i am confused... why is this in dog health? Look nothing is worse then being hearing, being normal, being iggrogant. Deaf people do not usually think anything is better then being deaf. Hearing nothing worse then being deaf, it depends on where you are from.

Are deaf people blind?

No,deaf people are not blind.There are people that are both though.

How many deaf people are there in the world?

There are about 70 million people in the world that are deaf. There are around 4 million people in the United States that are deaf.

How many deaf people live in the UK?

304000000.58673 people are deaf. partially deaf people are done in a % which accounts for the decimal place number

Is it better to be blind or deaf?

It really depends, but it would be bad to be either. If you are blind, you can' see. You have to have some one read to you and you need to be able to recognize people's voices instead of their faces. It can be hard to learn too. Same with being deaf. And it would be hard to understand people. But a lot of people would rather be blind. Why? Because at least you can hear, smell, and actually learn a little bit more then when you are deaf. But if you ever get blind or deaf, don't ask these questions.

Are there deaf violinist?

yes! deaf people can do anything like hearing people do.

What is the percentage of deaf people?

About 5 percent of the world's population is deaf or partially deaf. That is about 360 million people who have a hearing problem.

How many deaf people live in Japan?

There are quite a few deaf people living in Japan. The percentage of deaf people to those who can hear is very small.

How many deaf people in America?

People who are deaf are unable to hear. It is estimated that 2 to 4 of every 1,000 people in the United States are functionally deaf.

How do deaf people know if there is a fire?

by the smell. or sight. Some public buildings include strobe lights on fire alarm systems. And, they know when they see people leaving / running, or people purposely come to tell the deaf person.

Communication of deaf and dumb people?

Deaf and Dumb/Speechless people communicate by normal sign language, as they can still see. If you mean deaf and blind, they communicate by having someone tap out the sign language on their hand and then replying with normal sign language. The learning process is arduous.

Approximately what percent of deaf people who marry are married to other deaf people?


What activities can deaf people not do?

deaf or hard of hearing people can do everything except hearing.

How do deaf people read?

Deaf people read normally like us obviously