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Dogs eat grass when they are feeling sick. The grass goes down in there stomach and then they throw the grass up, along with some other stuff that might be toxic. Hope this helps! (:

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Why does dogs eat grass?

Dogs eat grass usually when they have an upset tummy.

Why do dogs at grass?

Dogs eat grass to help them digest.

Why do Dogs eat grass when they feel sick?

dogs eat grass when they are sick its a sjgn they have worms

Can dogs eat grass?

dogs can eat grass to help them digest the food. But too much grass can hurt their stomachs.

Is it healthy for dogs to eat grass?

It is normal for dogs to eat grass from time to time, but usually a dog eats grass if his/her stomach is upset.

What do parie dogs eat?

Prarie dogs eat grass and weeds.

Do dogs eat grass to make themselves throw up?

Dogs eat grass to help digest their food.

What kind of grass do dogs eat?

== == == == Dogs eat the grass in your backyard. They will even eat high grass on the sides of path. Dogs generally do this for their digestion (so do cats) or when they have an upset tummy. They will choose to eat couch grass over any other kind, if it's available to them.

Do dogs eat soil?

AnswerNo they dont but they eat grass.

Is it dangerous for dogs to eat grass when ill?

No it is not dangerous because dogs eat grass to get well. It's perfectly normal. It will not harm them at all.

Is it bad for dogs to eat grass?

It is good for a dog to eat grass because it helps their stomach!

What does the grass do when dogs eat it?

it helps them vomit.

What happens when dogs eat grass?

It is OK for your dog to eat grass. The dog may throw-up but dogs just enjoy the taste and smell.

Why do dogs like to eat grass?

Dogs like to eat grass because it does not sit in their stomach, so if they ate something bad then they ate grass they would throw up the grass and the bad stuff thet they ate.

What predators eat mice and also eat grass?

dogs and cats

Do dogs eat grass because it tastes good?

If dogs eat grass, that usually means that they are sick. They are eating it to make themselves throw-up. They think if that they eat grass and throw-up, they will feel better that they have flushed out their system.

Do dogs eat grass?

yes. only when they are sickyes they do when they have an upset stomach and they want to be sick then they eat grass

Do dogs eat oat grass?

i belive so

What kind of grass does a prairie dogs eat?


Do leopards eat grass?

Leopards do occasionally choose to eat grass. This is because grass tends to help sooth an aching stomach in dogs and cats.

Dogs eat grass and throw up?

Dogs eat grass in order for them to throw up things that are making sick, such as what cats do with furballs. They do this naturally to get rid of whats making them feel sick, by eating grass.

Is black mondo grass poisonous to dogs?

Black Mondo grass is not poisonous to dogs. However, it is not a good idea to allow your dog to eat grass of any kind.

Why does a sick dog eat the carpet?

To dogs, carpet is somewhat like grass. It is soft, and can be torn up. Naturally, dogs eat grass when they are sick or constipated, and so eating something like grass is because of their instincts.

Why does a dog eat grass?

The theories are that they like the taste of grass, or they are hungry. There is no evidence to suggest that they eat grass to make themselves vomit. Not all dogs vomit after eating grass. And those that do will often eat their vomit.

Can dogs eat peaches?

Dogs need fruit or veg in their diet to help with digestion, that's why they sometimes eat grass.