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Why do dogs lick their genitalia?

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The same reason they lick every where else on there body. To keep it clean.

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Why do dogs lick their genitalia excessively?

Dogs do this to clean the area after urinating, or giving birth.

Why do dogs lick people?

dogs lick people to get to know someone and dogs lick people when their happy.

Do female rabbits lick the male genitalia?

yes for a while

Why do dogs lick blisters?

Dogs lick blisters because they are cleaning the blister for you. Also because they are dogs and they lick everything.

Why doesn't your dog lick you?

If dogs do not lick you then they do not appriciate you. Dogs lick you when you give them a treat or play with them.

Why do dogs lick their legs?

dogs lick their to legs clean themselves.

Why do dogs lick and lick and lick humans?

The enjoy salt.

Do dogs lick humans?

NO they lick cats

Why do dogs lick your skin?

Dogs lick your for a couple reasons... Either they want to get your attention,or they just like you. Some dogs just lick you for the salt on your skin.

Why do dogs lick human noses?

Dogs lick humans because of the salt on our skin.

How do dogs lick there tails?

Have another dog lick it for them!

Why do dogs lick to show affection?

its like how we kiss dogs lick so when they lick us they wont you to lick them in a way stroking them or scratching them will make them very happy

Why do some dogs not lick people?

dogs lick people to let you know that they love you as an owner

Why do dogs lick other dogs ears?

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Why does a dog lick other dogs pee pee hole?

Dogs sense the world differently and have little to no concept of hygiene. Dogs experience neither the bad taste nor the crushing guilt/sexual arousal that ordinarily comes when, for example, a human licks another human's genitalia.

Why does your dog constantly lick you?

a lick meen a kiss from dogs

Do dogs lick testicles?

Yes. They lick their own when they itch.

Is a dogs lick permanent?

Of course not. Is a human lick permanent?

Why do dogs lick ears?

Dogs lick peoples ears because they think that they are the dominant key in your family.

Why do dogs lick there junk?

Boy dogs mainly lick there junk because they havent mated before!

Why do dogs lick there selves?

First of need to learn how to spell. "Why do dogs lick themselves?" The answer is...................... because they can.

Why do dogs lick inside other dogs ears?

Dogs ears get ichie. Other dogs lick in side other dogs ears to clean and make them stop iching.

Do dogs lick?

Yes, they do.

Why does your dog lick your mouth?

That is how dogs show respect. I groups dogs will lick the alpha dog, to show respect.

Why do rats lick you?

why do dogs or cats lick you? it is kind of the same thing!

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