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Q: Why do eyeball or rather eye white softens?
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Related questions

What the white part of the eyeball called?

The white part of the eye is called the sclera

What does the vitreous do in the human eye?

its the white thing that forms the eyeball

White part of the eyeball?

sclera.outer most layer of eye is the tough layer. it provides firmness to eyeball.

What is eyeball?

An eyeball is a ball in your eye

What is the white outermost layer of the eyeball composed of tough connective tissue?

The sclera is the white of the eye.

White ring around fish's eye?

Please be more specific. Is the white ring in the eyeball itself or around the eye socket and what does it look like?

If your cat is sleeping and you open it's eye what is that white stuff?

When you close your eyes, they roll to the back of your head, the white is the eyeball.

In the human eye what does the white of the eye do?

Known as the Sclera, the "white" of the eyes is a coat of dense connective tissue that covers all of the eyeball except for the cornea. It helps protect the eye against diseases and keeps the eye healthy.

What part of the eye protects and shapes the eyeball?

the cornea protects and shapes the eyeball

What part of the eye affected by cross eye?

eyeball or iris

What did one eye tell the other eye?

Don't eyeball me.

What part of the eyeball becomes inflammed when you have pink eye?

Rather than the eyeballs, the inflammation specifically occurs on the conjunctiva or the outermost layer of the eye and the inner surface of the eyelid.

Why does your cow have a white spot on her eyeball?

She may have pink eye or caner eye. Most cows that get pink eye will have a white spot that starts from the center and extends outward. Cancer eye is typically opposite, starting from the edge and spreading inward.

What is the medial rectus muscle of the eye?

it is the lower muscle of the eyeball. Helps move the eyeball.

Can your eyeball bleed?

The eyeball can't bleed, but the vessels in it. They can burst and then you're eye will be red.

What is the back of the eyeball called?

back eye

Why is the sclera white?

The sclera is the outer covering of the eyeball. It is the part that is visible as the "white of the eye." The sclera is white because it is made of collagen, which is a white protein that comprises most of the body's connective tissues.

What do you called the eyeball?

The eyeball is called the eye or the eyeball, no other scientific names for it. And what do I call it? An e y e b a l l . :)

What are synonyms for eye?

The organ of sight is an eye, optic, eyeball, vision, perception

What is the sclera?

The word "sclera" (Greek for hard) is applied to the tough white outer layer of the eyeball, which covers the eye except for the cornea.

What diagnosis is likely if eye is swollen with a little white ball inside the eye?

Was it a white ball ? i believe its a cataract... non fatal but very disturbing cos it grow and block your vision

What happens when you get human feces in your eyeball?

pink eye

Functions of the eye muscle?

They serve to rotate the eyeball

What is the difference between eye and eyeballs?

Your eyeball refer to the who eye with the organs attached, but when you say eye your refering to just the eye like when you say "there's something in my eye", well it pretty much just sounds better say eye instead of eyeball.

When will the first robotic eye or human eye transplantation be available for people with no eyeball?