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That is the red blood cells coming to the surface of the skin.

2006-07-18 16:02:25
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Is cold water a different color than warm water?


Will M and M's dissolve in cold water?

will M&M's color dissolve faster in hot water or cold water?

What is the color code for cold water pipe lines?

Light Green for COLD Water and Dark Green for HOT water

What happens when food colouring is poured in to cold and hot water?

the color diffuses (spreads out) in the water, but will do so faster in hot water than in cold water.

How do Hot Wheels color shifters change color?

we should put them in hot, warm or cold water

How do you get the color out of a bratz all glammed up designer streaks doll?

Wash with cold water and the color will fade out

Why does hot water take away the color of the gumball first than warm water?

hot water takes the color away from the gumball first because the hot water is warmer than the cold water

Why does the color blue have the highest temperature?

first of you spell it like this: color not: colour and anyway becuz alot of places are cold and water is blue and most of it is cold :)welcome * ** **** ***** ****** ******* ******** ********* ********** *********** ************ *couture queen*

What color for water pipes?

Hot? Cold? return? fire suppression ? Non Potable?

What happens to celery in cold water with food coloring after 30 minutes?

it turns that color!!!

What does red color mean on kitchen water taps?

It means hot water while the blue side means cold

Why does food coloring color a glass of hot water quicker than a glass of cold water?

because of a chemical reaction that causes the cup to melt a little and the color soaks in.

I have blotchy red and white hands and they are constantly covered in dead skin yeah really gross I live in Florida so it's not cold weather How do I fix?

To fix the blotchy red and white hands that are usually covered in dead skin wash your skin with the exfoliating acids.

How do you identify hot and cold water lines for washer?

By turning on the existing hot and cold water tap and running into a bucket, you will eventually get hot water out of one of them. The hot water is usually insulated. Cold water may also be insulated in the cold climate areas to prevent freezing. The taps are usually marked "H" or "C" or by color red and blue.

What is the Letter on a cold water tap in Spain?

F, for frio (cold). Unfortunately, the hot water tap is marked C, for calor (hot), which could cause confusion. Fortunately, many taps use a color code as well : Red for hot water and Blue for cold water.

How does cold water affect fish?

It freezes there blood. Which is cold blooded killing them from hypothermia. ( Might turn a color or sink to the bottom of the tank.)

How does climate affect peoples food?

it can get cold or hot

How do you set the color in Rit dye fabric?

Pouring about a cup of salt in the washing machine along with the dye helps to set the color. Allow the agitator to mix the color in the hot water thoroughly and the salt to dissolve before adding your fabric. Rinse the fabric twice (or until water is clear) in cold water. Cold water also helps to set the color and rinse out any color that didn't "take". Rinsing will also prevent bleeding when in the future the fabric needs to be washed. Good luck.

Is green a cold or warm color?


How do you make my skin fairer?

You actually can't make your skin fairer because you have the same color that you were born with. If you want fair color, wash your face with cold ice milk. Then wash it again with cold, cold water. Then put on foundation. And voila! You're done.

Is pink a cold color?

Yes pink is a cool color it is ok 4 boys and girls. However, cool is not the same thing as cold. And pink is not a cold color. (Or for our British readers, it is not a cold colour.)

What is a hot color and a cold color?

A hot color would be like red and a cold colour would be like blue.

What gets cold first hot or cold water?

Isn't cold water already cold? I would say cold water gets cold first. I've heard that hot water freezes faster than cold water.

What became the color and the symbol in the cold war?

RED was the color that became the symbol of the cold war..

Does hot water o cold water boil faster?