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Why do gay people like rainbows?

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some don't, some do. it's just a stereotype. im a lesbian and i love rainbows, but my sister doesn't. (she gay also)

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Are rainbows for gay people?

The use of rainbows as a symbol for hope and social change dates back to the 16th century.

Why are gay people called fruits?

because fruits are colorful and homosexuals are normally associated with colorful things and rainbows

What do rainbows smell like?

Rainbows are odorless.

Does blue mean your gay?

Of corse not blue is just a color. Some people refer bright colors and rainbows to gayness.

Do rainbows help humans?

No it makes them gay and it kills unicorns

Are you gay because you like the song 'pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows'?

No. There's bound to be a better reason for it.

Do people like crystals?

Sure, because crystals make rainbows.

Why is tevin gay?

because he likes rainbows and powneys and mens phannies

Should gay people force people who are not gay to like gay people?

Gay people have their own interests and should not force them on others.

Why do some people look gay?

if straight people look gay, its because some women like men that act like that, if they are gay and look gay, then they are gay...

Why do gay people like saunas?

Not all gay people do. It just depends on the person.

What were gay people?

well, gay people are still around so your question should be- what ARE gay people, and gay people are people who like people of the same gender.

Is it gay if you dont like people hitting you?

no it isn't gay if you don't like people to hit you

Why do gay peple like men?

gay people like everyone.

Why gay people not like women?

Gay women like women.

Do gay people like music?

Almost all people like music, including gay people. But there are some that don't.

Why do gay people talk like that?

gay people talk in all different ways, just like straight people do.

Why is PCC gay?

People are gay; institutions like PCC are gay-friendly.

Do you like double rainbows?

Now come on! All kind of rainbows are cool ;)

Does gay people like pink?

Gay people are no different in their tastes than others that are not gay and some do like pink, but also other colors.

Do the Lesbian Gay community follow the same order of colors in the rainbows they wear?


Gay people on sims?

you can make people gay. you just have to get them to like each other.

Does Louis Armstrong like rainbows?

He has been dead many years, so it doesn't matter if he does like rainbows or not.

When was Discotheque Play Like A Rainbows created?

Discotheque Play Like 'A' Rainbows was created on 2008-10-29.

How many people are on Crooked Island Bahamas?

111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 very big number like rainbows

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