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they squeal because they are eathier hungry and need more food or they are thirsty and need more water.

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YES! ginea pigs love it to! in fact its one of their favourite foods!

Yes. My guinea pigs eat tons of it!

They eat vegetables and grains.

yes. they smell horrible

Thumbs. They haven't any.

they squeal when they're happy🐖its soooooo cute!!!

Large pigs do not squeak, they squeal, Guinea Pigs will squeak.

No. Pigs only squeal and grunt.

Most animals that squeal usually squeal when the are attacked. These animals are pigs, tapirs, and lots of others.

Are guinea pigs active? Why yes they popcorn and dance and play and run around.

no,being in water makes them very anxious.

no, they don't unless you put them in dirty bedding

All they do is sit around and eat...

because it is afraid that you are going to eat it.

Pigs do not hum, they snort, grunt or squeal.

when guinea pigs squeal it mean they are either scared of you, or you have accidentally hurt them in some way or they want you to feed them, Communication.

buy them a run for the garden and they can exercise in it all day

Pigs snort, and piglets usually squeal.

well i have my own ginea pig and it not to fat but compared to my gerbils then it i huge ... but they are really cute (cos the tubby) so i would reccomend

Pigs grunt because it is how they communicate with other pigs. Pigs sometimes squeal when they become agitated by something.

Guinea pigs squeal for many reasons, they squeal because they are happy and saying welcome or hi or trying other things to comunicate,but sometimes they squeal because they need attention from there owners,try to figure out what he wants or saying and you will get along better, simple.

In England they were sold for a guinea and they can sometimes squeal like pigs

They Oink ,Grunt,and Squeal

Yes. They sacrificed almost all kinds of mammals

YES! they love to play! take them out at least once a day

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