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AnswerThat's been a puzzler for a long time. If the good girls wouldn't reward the "bad boys", there would be far less acting out. New AnswerI read somewhere that women look for a man who they feel can protect them and their offspring. Tough guys are loud and obnoxious so harder to ignore. All the women in my family say we have a curse that if a nice guy likes us we are not interested. We are like bum magnets, if one is within 50 feet of us...

Im definitely considered a "good girl" but not in an annoying way. I sometimes have small crushes on guys who seem really lost simply because I want so much to help them and tell them that they deserve to be loved. Like, it's not some fake thing that is more looking at them as "projects" than guys, it is definatel a crush, but honestly if a really beautful bad guy seems secluded and broken, I tend to see him as someone I could totally love and not feel like I was doing it for him but for me. HOWEVER, it is certainly not the same way with "bad guys" like class clown type bad guys who are obnoxious and make fun of the other guys. Just nice guys who do bad stuff to themselves. Another big HOVEVER, those aren't the kind of guys I would consider dating. Just as a dirty little secret kind of crush that you keep in mind for if you ever feel like being bad. (Godd girls do think of that sometimes and have huge pressures to but have the willpower to control themselves.) The kind of guy that I would want to date is someone who is chivelrous, sweet, majorly into his faith, loves God more than he loves me so he'll catch me if i slip, and smart (smart doesn't always meen you're nerdy. I have the hugest crush on a really smart guy.)


I believe that girls like bad guys because they have a liltle bit of a Bad Girl inside them. They just needed someone brave enough to bring it out of them even though they might be shy at first.

Another possibilty:

Women don't like the nice guys because they know that the nice guy will do everything she wants. She likes the challenge, the ups and downs, and the mystery that a bad boy gives her. She doesn't want to be told that she's pretty ten times a day or more. She already knows she's pretty, sexy, and attractive, she doesn't want to hear it alot. Also, nice guys are very boring and simple, and consistent. Women get bored easily, so with a bad boy there's always something new and exciting(you know life won't ever be boring with a bad boy). His life interests you, because its fast pace, and it also gives you the advantage of helping him become the good guy. Every girl dreams about being the one that changed the bad boy to a good guy. Women love challenges, just like men do. Without challenge, would anything in life be worth pursuing?

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Q: Why do good girls like bad boys?
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