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Why do guys feel they have to say they love you after every phone conversation?


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It depends on to whom you are talking to. I end my conversations with my adult daughters (37, 32 & 25) by telling each that I love them and I'm proud of them and this is a way of me expressing my love for them. When I was concluding a conversation with former wife (recently divorced, I was totally aware of her fear of abandonment, insecurity and low self-esteem. Also, I really do love her (still do, even though the Petition for Divorce was entered by me. Oh, by the way.... Many guys are really loving, caring people, and when a guy does this, he is revealing a side of himself to you, that he usually wouldn't to someone else. Yes, there are a lot of "bad" guys out there who have learned how to play the game. Who are they? Don't know. That is up to you to determine, with your intuition, discernment and doduligence.


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Well you should probably just start a conversation with them and learn more about them and see what you guys have in common then when you feel comfortable around that person just tell them how you feel and if they feel the same way then good for you and if not maybe you guys can just be friends

Either they don't feel like talking to you, or they don't like you. They could be playing videogames, in class, at work, hangin out with the guys, or sleeping.

Bump into them. Then get into a conversation with him. At the end of the conversation say I'll see you later."

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So that there will be no awkward pauses between conversation.

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Because you let him. Guys are lazy. They will only get worse unless you set them straight. You are what I call "settling" don't let him do anything that bothers you. Basicly, he's gotten bored, not neccesaraly with you, but some guys just don't like talking on the phone. If he won't call you, then just say you ran out of text messages and you will just wait to see him next time, he will feel bad if he texts you, and you will still get to have a good conversation. What do you say? Oh! This relatonship isn't long distance is it?

Because guys feel good when they can go and tell their friends that all these girls like them. It makes them feel wanted. My ex was the same way and he finally opened up and told me this is the reason most guys act this way.

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Some guys are too shy to talk to girls. Im sure there are guys that notice you but they are too shy to admit that they like you. Try starting a conversation with them.

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