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Why do guys lie?

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? it depends on the guy, wheather the guy has something to hide or not.
because everyone lies.

especially if the guy thinks it is about something trivial in his eyes.

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What do guys mostly lie about?

guys would mostly lie about what age they were if they were cheating on you and of course if they love you

Why do guys lie about cheating to girls?

Guys lie about cheating for the exact same reasons that girls lie about chaeating.----------If your guy lied about cheating, it doesn't mean that allguys do. Not all guys lie...not all guys cheat...and neither do all girls. It's unfair to the other guys in the world to assume otherwise.So the girls don't break up with them.

Who lies more girls or guys?

It is about even when girls and guys lie. Some lie to save face; others lie so they don't hurt someone's feelings and some lie just for the sake of it.

What is the biggest lie guys tell?

The biggest lie most guys tell is they aren't cheating on their girlfriends/wifes when they really could be.

Do gay guys lie a lot?

Probably no more than straight guys.

Why do guys lie about been in a relationship?

they lie because they don't no what to do., most guys are really stupid and don't care about what the girls think. Just forget about his troubles and move on

Why do some guys lie to a women?

Some gays lie to a women because they just want to impress them..

Why do girls lie?

Girls lie for the same unfortunate reason guys do. Sometimes there is something about the truth that is less appealing.

Why do guys lie and say they dont love you but they really do?

You know, sometimes guys are really shy of what they really feel

How come Guys sometimes lie to Girls?

They think it's funny. But it's NOT!!!!

Why do men lie about sleeping with women?

because they think that if they tell other guys they did, it will make them more popular. this really ONLY works with guys. a girl can'tand shouldn't lie about that. that makes their rep go down and... u get the picture.

How do you get 999 masterballs on Pokemon Pearl?

You can get 999 masterballs at the pokemart for $1,000,000 THAT is a lie. No, you cannot. no lie guys first you need to complete the national pokedex

Why do boyfriends lie to you?

Most guys lie because they're not very confident and feel like you'd be more interested in an altered version of themselves.Some of them lie to you because they think it's what relationships are built on, these are people who usually lie to everyone, they tend to also have very short relationships.Some guys also lie because they have things to hide, yes, cheating and the like, but equally they might make up reasons to not have to talk about something personal or something they're embarrassed about.Some guys lie for attention.(By the way, girls are as likely to do all of the above as boys are)The bottom line is that people lie for many different reasons.

How do you get past feelings of attraction when you discover the person lied about being in a relationship with someone else?

Cute guys make you crazy, hot guys make you drool, cool guys make you daydream. But funny guys make you fall in love without ever knowing it Answer I don't know what motivates someone to lie about being in a relationship but I know people who have done it. I would never lie about being in a relationship to someone. If you meet someone you are interested in you should be honest and not start things out with a lie.

Two guys with pink bows?

if two guys are wearing pink bows, they are probably either A: trying to be funny B: trying to be tough (tough guys wear pink (which is a lie)) or C: stupid

Why do guys lie so much?

Because, they're inconsiderate, self centered and have a big ego.

Why do guys lie when things are true is it because he is imbarriest?

yes expesially when his friends say that it is small!

Why do guys lie to the girls they love?

If a guy is lying to you, then he does not love you. He probably lied when he told you that he loves you.

How do you catch your boyfriend in a lie?

A girl does not really have to much effort into catching a guy in a lie. Guys usually mess up lies on their own. Girls just have to be patient.

How do girls ask guys out?

just be honest and be your self. Don't lie and say your rich its the worse thing you can do.

Can a girl still get pregnant by a guy whose got fixed?

Not if he really was fixed, but some guys lie about that.

Do people lie frequently?

Mostly only when they feel cornered. Eventually the lies will circle back upon them and they'll feel worse than when they started lying. For example, a girl will lie about her phone number if she feels uncomfortable and cornered or a kid will lie about homework to stay out of trouble.

You always lie true?

If you're asking if all guys lie, no. Some are honest and really good men. but here are 3 reasons guys will lie and say they love you or other lies you may have heard... 1.) he's drunk and has no clue wut he's saying 2.) He's only after ONE thing, if you get my drift 3.) The guy just loves toying with your emotions and has no problem with hurting your feelings. Some guys never even consider how a breakup or something might effect you.

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