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Why do horses live only up to like 30 years old?

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All animals (including humans) have a natural lifespan, the lifespan for a horses is 25-35 years. i have a horse that is 40 years old and in good health

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How long do przewalskis horses live for in the wild?

przewalskis horses are extinct from the wild so they are only found in captivity and they usually live for about 20 years in captivity

Can horses live up to forty?

if they are very VERY lucky horses :p apparently there was only like one horse that did

Do horses live a grassland?

Some horses do live in grasslands, but that is not the only place you will find them. Horses live in all kinds of territory, from the marshes of camarogue to desert-like areas with hard rocky ground and sparse grass.

Where wild horses live?

The only true wild horses live in Mongolia, but some live in Montana, Nevada and Idaho.

Do horses zebras kangaroos and hippos live in russia?

Apart from horses, only in zoos.

What are the affects of horses on the ecosystem?

I actually have no clue about horses and how they live. PS only being honest.

How many foals can a Clydesdale horse have at one time?

Horses usually produce only one live foal with occasional instances where two live twins are born. Twin pregnancies in horses can be very problematic and while draft horses (like the Clydesdale) and Standardbred horses seem to be more successful at producing live twins they may require significant veterinary care in order to survive.

Why do przewalski's horse live in the mountains of Mongolia?

The Przewalski's Horse is the only truly wild horse as they are not descendants of domesticated horses. These horses evolved to live in the areas of Mongolia that they currently live in.

Are horses affected by oil spills?

No horses are not effected by the oil spill only animals that live in the ocean.So no horses don't get affected by the oil spill.

Do horses live in New Zealand?

Oh sure. But only after we brought them there.

How old do wild dogs live to?

Bigger dogs like Labrador retrievers usually live up to 15-20 years but smaller dogs like Pomeranian only live up to 8-10 years.

How many more years will chimpanzees live?

Chimpanzees live about 60 years in captivity; their life span in the wild is only about 35-40 years (like most animals, they live much longer in captivity).

How long is the lifespan for the Arabian horse?

Most horses live for between 18 and 25 years. Horses that are exercised hard and strained when they are young often wear and die faster, around age 13 or 14. This is only likely to be the case with an Arabian if it was raised in Arabia or parts of Africa where horses are ridden and raced as yearlings. Horses will live longer if they are well cared for and given good nutrition.

Why aren't we horses enemies?

In the wild horses live in herds so they have a pack and they are like a little family. But in captivity horses look at their owners as a part of there herd especially if they don't live with other horses, so they wouldn't want to be enimes with the people that feed them care for them and are part of their herd. Horses are only really 'enimes' with humans if they have been treated badly but they can over come that if they are given time and care.

What did the horses in the ice age look like?

they resembled today's horses only that they were a lot smaller in size.

What hemisphere does a horse live in?

You know horses live only in two places on earth... The Northern and Southern Hemisphere.

Why do horses mate like this?

Because it's the only way they can.

Why do Arabian horses like apples?

Horses like anything sweet, such as apples and carrots, although they will sometimes eat bananas and grapes. However, a horses diet consists of grass only.

What color do horses not see?

Horses only see in black and white and flouresant red NO horses can se all colurs just like humans.

Why do horses react to the weather?

Think of horses like Big DeaR, They don't like rain thunder storms and lighting They only are happy with sun.

Can horses eat rolled oats?

Yes, but only in moderation. Horses cannot eat rolled oats like cattle do in the feedlot; it is best to feed horses this only about 1 lb per day.

How long can hummingbirds live?

Hummingbirds can and only live up to four years,ONLY!

Do horses like milk?

Some horses may like milk, most likely the young ones I would imagine, but some adults may. no. they only like water.

Can you live forever?

No you can't. You can only live for 120 years.

Can people get lice from horses?

No, horse lice only live on horses. Although you can still be bitten by horse lice they will not take up residence in your hair.