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No creature can be continually in motion. They have limited energy, just like us. They must rest. ON THE WALL OR SURFACE IS WHERE THEY FIND FOOD, SINCE A SURFACE IS THE BEST PLACE FOR ANY WEIGHABLE PARTICLE TO STATION.ESPECIALLY DISEASES. MO.T.

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What is more expensive traveling across land or traveling across the ocean?

traveling across land

Why transport is easier in plains than in mountains?

Think of walking across a flat surface (plains), and then walking up a series of hills (mountains). It's easier to travel across plains because they are flat and broad.

What is the duration of Walking Across Egypt?

The duration of Walking Across Egypt is 1.67 hours.

What activities extend deflation?

As vehicles or animals move across a surface, coarse particles are ground into smaller particles and deflation can continue.

How do you make a slinky toy walk across a flat surface not on stairs?

You put it in walking position, then you blow on it as hard as you can. It'll walk in a jiffy then!

Force that opposes motion of surface as it moves across another surface?

The force that opposes motion of a surface as it moves across another surface is friction.

What is jaywalking?

It is the act of walking across a road/street at an area that is not a cross walk. Jaywalking is the act of walking across the street outside of a crosswalk.

3 uses of bridges?

Walking across to get across a river, Driving across to get across a river and/or lake and transpertation for a train!

When walking across a carpet is an example of?


What is J walking in US?

J Walking; is considered to be walking in an absurd manner across a busy or heavily packed traffic wise intersection OUTSIDE of the cross walk, when traffic is moving or when you will otherwise ENDANGER someone by walking across the street.

What are some early types of transportation?

Steamboats, for traveling across seas, and horses for traveling across land. Even some early cars, if you're that late in the game.

What tissue propels substances across its surface?

Pseudostratified columnar (ciliated) propels substances across its surface.

Can you Make a sentence with word traveling?

They're traveling to Spain for a vacation. After traveling for several weeks, he was glad to get home again. Her purse was stolen while she was traveling across the country.

What Restrictions on traveling across the Glenn Canyon dam?

Can you drive across the glen canyon dam

Why is it easier to pull a box across a surface with an upward angle then push a box across a surface with a downward angle?

Push a box across a surface with a downward angle because gravity is helping.

You rode a horse across the bridge yet walked across it?

because the horse is walking.

What are the ratings and certificates for Walking Across Egypt - 1999?

Walking Across Egypt - 1999 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:M UK:PG USA:PG-13

What is the path of the moons shadow across the earths surface?

darkness is the path of the moon shadow across the earth surface

What is the tightness across the surface of water is called?

"surface tension"

A force that resists motion of one surface across another surface is called?

A force that resists motion of one surface across another surface is called FRICTION(or FRICTIONAL FORCE)

Can dogs walking across bridges make them collapse?


Where did the Pilgrims settle after traveling across the Atlantic on the Mayflower?


What walks in but walks out?

Anything that walks across a boundary shared by two locations. For instance, if something walks into A from B, it is walking out of B and walking into A; therefore, it is walking in but walking out.

What is in the invisible line across the earth?

The Equator!

What is the tightness across the surface of a container of water called?

Surface tension