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I dont know but y are u dreaming about ur freind anyway are u jealous

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Well, it depends on the dream. For example: If you have a dream where you and your best friend were arguing, it usually means that you are having a bit of friend drama with that person. If you have a dream where you and your best friend are shopping/playing soccer or any other nice activity that you enjoy together it usually means you are very good friends.

Well, i dont know why it was a toothpick, people i know dream that with things like daggers or swords but i know what the dream means. They fancy their best friends girlfriend but know they don't have a chance with her.

Having a dream that your best friend is getting married and you get to plan the wedding is a good dream. It probably doesn't mean anything, but it is nice to have good dreams instead of nightmares.

Then the real question is why isn't your best friend your girlfriend........?

Not all people have a best friend, but may have many friends or a select few. If lucky two people can click together and become best friends and that can happen anytime in an individuals life. Having a best friend is certainly a bonus, but not necessary in life. Sometimes the wife and husband or girlfriend and boyfriend can be the best friend.Not having a best friend and having no other friends makes you feel suicidal.

Positive points of having a girlfriend might be having a friend, feeling lonely less often, having someone to talk to, may even bring out the best in you. I'm sure that you can come up with a few more on your own. There are no positive points if the girlfriend is not a friend or is not good for you. This kind of girlfriend is all negative.

If you don't like your girlfriend, ditch her for your best friend

Sharing your girlfriend with your best friend is the ultimate demonstration of your friendship. It is even more meaningful if he does not have a girlfriend.

Get rid of so-called "best friend". If you're girlfriend is true to you, she will stay with you.

girl i still dream to this day about somone i was best friends with , even weeks after i cut off with him. I think it might be na obsession (my case)

If your best friend is your crushes girlfriend then you haft to tell her. It will only become a problem if you are secretive about it.

If your girlfriend hangs around with you and your best friend it is difficult to tell if they are friends or if your best friends really wants her. As long as your girlfriend is with you and treats you well it does not much matter whether your best friend wants her or not.

The meaning of the dream depends on where you are with this best friend, what you (and the friend) are doing, and most importantly, what you are feeling in the dream. Also remember that in many dreams, every other person in the dream represents some part of yourself. So in this particular dream, your best friend is a symbol for yourself in some specific way.

Well, it depends on if you like your girlfriend, if your best friend is a girl, then trust me she should like you back.

Sometimes what the subconscious mind does in a dream is translate what is not actually said, but perceived in the way one says it. For example, a female friend of mine was chatting to my best friend at my b-day and my best friend tells me later that he likes her. The next day the female friend tells me she had a dream - in her dream my best friend told her he liked her and now they're boyfriend and girlfriend. Works for me doesn't it? So, the next time you see you boyfriend tell him about the dream and act scared (he'll feel guilty about breaking up with you) (and, just in case, be ready to brace youself).

you need to tell your best friend that you do not like them that way.

Grow up, please. If you like your best friend, you don't love your girlfriend. You girlfriend cheating on you is not reason or justification for you to do it back. You didn't like being cheated on, did you? So why would you do it back? You obviously forgave her & tolerated it. If you can't, LEAVE YOUR GIRLFRIEND. Do not go out with your best friend if you're not single.

Your best friend and his ex girlfriend have split up and both are free to date whomever they wish. You do not owe your best friend an explanation that you slept with his girlfriend. However, if you love her or are at least interested in her then it would be to your best interest to simply be honest with your friend and not mention already sleeping with her as that is your private information as well as private information of his ex girlfriend.

There are various ways to make your best friend your girlfriend. You can do this by proposing to have such kind of relationship as long as it will not affect your friendship.

There are generally no limits to having a best guy friend. If he is truly your friend it will be just like having a best girl friend. He might not want to get a makeover with you though.

It means that you are jealous of your best friend or you re secretly mad at your best friend.

girl friend is a friend that is girl and not a best friend and girl friend is best friend

well, I would be awkward for your best friend. Your best friend's girlfriend probaly thinks that your best friend is still her man. So, his gf will hate you if she finds out