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Why do males look at teen girls with sexual eyes?

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Because he probably wants to have sex with you..or he is really attracted to you. If you like him..go for it but I recommend that you start a conversation first. Because they are trying to get something you might not want to give.

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Do you supposed to stare girls in the eyes?

Girls like it when you look them in the eyes

How do females pick the males in sexual selection?

They look for the males that they believe will give them the healthiest offspring.

Do girls know when you look down their shirt?

Yes As They Watch Your Eyes Girls/Women Look Into People Eyes When Talking , But Normally Boys/Guys Can't Look Into Eyes The Look Away

What feature of the girls face matters the most to a guy?

I look at the girls eyes first, I love blue or green eyes. And I look at her smile.

What is sexual dimorphism?

males in the population look distinctly different than females

How can you tell the difference between a females and a males eyes?

You look at the eyelashes.

What do girls do when they love you?


What does nick Jones like in a girl?

nick Jonas look for the girls eyes and eyes that would look good with his eye colour which i brown if you wonderingnick Jonas look for the girls eyes and eyes that would look good with his eye colour which i brown if you wonderingor a Salena Gomes

How do you look down a girls shirt?

With yo eyes

Is WWE for girls?

WWE is for both males and females. If you look in the audience you will see this.

How does white girls look in the eyes of Asian guys?

Short(: (because their eyes are slanted)

What is difference between males and females eyes?

men have gorgeous eyes while female look like "udskidt æblegrød"

Why do guys look at girls behinds?

because men like looking at girls behinds. it is a sexual thing. puberty will get you on that. also guys like to look at girls boobs.

What do girls notice first in guys?

The hair is definitely a big noticeable.....but when you are talking to them i look at their eyes of coursei look at the eyes and smile

Is it ok to look at underage girls dressed skimpy?

Not in a sexual way. They are children.

Does boys look at girls all the time in a sexual way?

depends on the boy

How do you communicate with the boy you like?

Look in their eyes Touch (Nothing sexual, as touching their hands

Do girls like blue or green eyes better?

depends how they look

How do you make anime girls look older?

You can add wrinkles to the eyes .

What does Niall Horan look for in girls?

Nice eyes and a good personality.

Why do guys look at girls from toes to there eyes?

look guys get nervous and trust me I've been there

Where do boys look at on the girls body?

They check your eyes first, then look at your body. Sometimes your chest.

How do you get a girl to make the first move by talking to you?

You look her straight in her eyes and smile. Although, most females will not go up to males, males have to go up to them.

What are the sweet words you can tell girls?

I love you. I love your eyes. You look beautiful.

Do guys get nervous when they look at girls eyes?

Depends on the guys and how they feel about the girl

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