Why do many talk show hosts seem to be stuck on telling the victim to get a backbone and stand up to her abuser when in many cases it may actually be safer for the victim to do absolutely nothing?

No one has the right to tell anyone to "get a backbone" and move out. It's an ignorant thing to say and even more so being a Talk Show Host because they are suppose to do their homework before their program. If they did, they would realize that leaving an abusive situation isn't as simple for many women as it looks. Until a person walks in the victim's shoes they have no right to make such comments. However, in this day and age there is absolutely no reason for a woman to stay in an abusive relationship. I volunteer for a Women's Abuse Center" and there is plenty of help for the victim and they can even get legal counsel and are also kept in a "safe house" or "Transition House" until they can get psychological counseling to undo the brain-washing techniques the abuser has caused, and also legal counsel to get rid of the abuser. After that they will even help the person to find ways to better their education or get a job and become independent. I know many women who have managed to get away from their abuser and are living on their own. It is NOT safe to stay in an abusive situations and it's proven often. Some men get so angry they can beat their victims half to death, cripple them and even sometimes murder is involved. If there are children involved it's all the more reason to get out of this abusive relationship. Believe it or not a victim of abuse does has the power to change her destiny. Good luck Marcy