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When a mosquito bites into you it leaves it saliva and when it is done or disturbed the saliva is still in you. Once the body's immune systems get at the saliva it produces many antibodies in which attach to the saliva. Then the antibodies release histamine which creates that pinkish,itchy bump where the mosquito bit you.

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Because your body gets inflamed by the mosquito stuff. To stop the itch, just swab on the bite some antiperspirant.

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This is because the mosquitoes release toxic substances that cause the skin swell up and irritate the skin.

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Because they get irritated and swollen.

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Q: Why do mosquito bites become large red lumps under the skin after scratching?
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What is the best remedy for mosquito bites?

Tea Tree Oil is something that i have found to work. I have really bad allergic reaction which makes my bites very large and hard and hot. Tea Tree Oil is basically and antibiotic that they used in world war 2. You can find it at Fred Meyers

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I was bitten a few times on my leg by a little black ant a couple of days ago. The bite sights itch and look like mosquito bites! I'm trying not to itch...

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Bed bug bites are distinct, raised areas which appear to be mosquito bites. The number of them that one receives depends upon the severity of the infestation; bed bugs feed, on average, once every three to five days, and each feeding requires three to ten minutes. The bites will normally be found on areas of skin which are exposed during sleep. They are generally white at first, but they frequently turn red after a period of time. The most telling symptom is that they almost always itch intensely, and the lesions remain prominent upon the skin for several days, unlike mosquito bites. Poison ivy rash, on the other hand, does not consist of individual mosquito-bite-like bumps. It is found on relatively large areas of skin, and it is chacterized by many closely-spaced, tiny, blister-like eruptions on the surface of the skin. These blisters, if opened, exude a small quantity of watery liquid, much like miniature burn blisters. This rash can be quite extensive, depending upon the areas exposed to the oily allergen in the plant and the individual's sensitivity to the oil. Poison ivy rash can also cause much discomfort due to itching. The real risk with the rash is that the epidermis is often removed by scratching the itch, exposing the skin to various infectious agents.

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