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Many mothers prefer them because they show that thought and time went into the gift, rather than just running to the store at the last minute. And many moms don't want their children to spend a lot of money on them that they could be using to do important home improvements, or spoil the grandchildren, or whatever. Not all moms prefer home-made though, and most moms will appreciate being noticed and cared about, no matter what gift is bestowed. Moms are cool like that.

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What are good ideas for homemade Christmas presents?

Handmade jams and preserves make great homemade Christmas presents for those talented in the kitchen. Simpler baked goods such as cakes or biscuits will generally receive a warm welcome too. For those who would prefer to avoid cooking entirely handmade soap, decorated vases or sewn items also could work fantastically.

How is Mother's Day celebrated in Morocco?

In Morocco, Mother's Day is celebrated much the same as in other countries. Children often prefer to make homemade gifts and cards for their mothers. Grown up children buy gifts and have family gatherings to honor their mothers. It is a time for children to let moms know how dear they are to them.

Why did Harriet Prefer her Mothers Name?

because she was to be the new queen so thats why

Do you put sugar in homemade blackberry juice?

If you want it to be sweet, but you don't have to do it cause some people prefer it not sweet.

Why do people prefer junk food rather than homemade food?

The reason why people prefer Junk food rather than Homemade food is, because Junk food has a special chemical, MSG. This chemical makes you want to eat more of foods that you shouldn't eat. And since that does that people want to eat more of it instead of homemade, that is why people like Junk food better.

Why Did Harriet Tubman Prefer her Mothers name?

Because she thought her name sounded like a boy's name.

Do you fridgerate a homeade cake?

You can refridgerate a homemade cake if you want to. It causes a smoother, less dry taste that most people prefer.

Do Mothers Dress Sons as Girls?

Some mothers may dress sons as girls. Perhaps they wished for a girl and had a boy instead or they may prefer female fashion to male fashion when the child is a baby.

What do you feed a baby mouse that's eyes are closed?

Milk baby mice prefer mothers milk witch is body temp.

Is there anything else you can use besides honey in lip gloss?

Petroleum jelly a.k.a. vaseline is a famous mixing medium for homemade lipgloss. I much prefer it to honey!

Which food do people like to eat homemade or outside?

I want to eat home made food everyday except on the weekends wherein I prefer outside food in restaurants

What gifts do women prefer from men?

Honestly we like just spending time with you (: But girls do like it when you get them little stuffed animals / chocolate / flowers / homemade treats, etc. (:

Why you prefer eat at home?

Because is more healthy than eating outside like at McDonald's, Bob Evan or any other restaurant, cooking home is good for your heath because the food is homemade.

Is it me and mom or mom and I?

That would depend where you are using it in a sentence. Mom and I went for a walk. (You wouldn't say "Me went for a walk".) Dad gave both me and Mom presents from his trip. (You wouldn't say "Dad gave I presents...") But I'd actually prefer "Dad gave both Mom and me presents from his trip."

What present tense of word to prefer?

I prefer you prefer he prefers she prefers it prefers we prefer you prefer they prefer

How do you ask for money at a wedding?

Invite to wedding/wedding anniversaryDear ......You are cordially invited to ....... and ....'s weddingIt is on the ........The bride and groom would prefer money as a gift, rather than presents.Sincerly,....... and .....

Do guys that have big mothers tend to prefer big girlfriends?

They might be more open to the idea of a bigger women then other men. but They def wouldn't rule out a skinny or more bigger woman.

Are ocelots social animals?

No they like to be alone most of the time and that is what they prefer.

Why do mothers prefer their sons over daughters?

Hang in there - everything is going to be alright. Apologize to Mom for whatever you did. She doesn't love your brother more than you - I'm certain that she loves her children equally.

How long was Albert Einstein in his mothers womb?

Albert Einstein was in his mothers womb for about 43 weeks, 303 days or 10 months. Whichever you prefer. Because he was in his mothers womb longer than the average child, his brain had more time to develop in certain aspects. That is one of the reasons he was smarter than most children. Hope thsi helped! I don't know much about Albert because I'm 12, but i remember reading this!

Is avocado good for your face?

Anecdotally it is good for moisturising dry skin, which is why it is sometimes used for homemade face masks. Personally I prefer to use papaya, since it contains an enzyme (papain) which is really good at treating oily skin.

Do mama cats have a favorite from the litter?

Mama cats sometimes seem to prefer one kitten out of their litter, but not always. It is a natural tendency of animals. After all, even human mothers sometimes pick favorites.

How long do you have to wait before newborn guinea pigs can eat solid?

newborn guinea pigs can eat solid food in about two days but usually prefer to drink their mothers milk a bit longer.

Do Canadians eat macaroni and cheese?

As a Canadian, I can vouch that in fact we do eat macaroni and cheese such as Kraft Dinner. I personally prefer homemade macaroni and cheese. It can be a survival tactic for those in university and college who know no other way of preparing a meal.

You prefer cotton they prefer cotton?

we all prefer cotton