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It's most likely that your headlights are just dead. There are separate filaments for your headlight and your highbeam, so odds are both headlight filaments are burned out, but your highbeam filaments (which probably get used less) are still fine. It's not unusual for both headlights to burn out at the same time. Throw in another pair of headlights, it's probably the cheapest thing to rule out and the most likely solution.

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Q: Why do my Jaguar's headlights only work with the high beams on?
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Why do I have High beams but no low beams on my Toyota Sienna?

Your headlights are burnt out. Ever see a car coming at you with their high beams on and when they turn them off they only have one or none. Check with the parts store but that would be the easiest problem

How do you install Euro headlights for a golf 1990 wiring because the high beams are the only thing that work?

what is the euro 2008 install password

Headlights go out on Pontiac Sunfire 2000?

It might be the high/low beam switch. Had to replace one on my '96 when I had only low beams.

When the low beams are on the high beam indicator is on too?

the high beam indicator is only on when the high beams are on

How do you repair low beam headlights when high beams work fine?

If the high-beams work but low-beams don't... If it's both lights, it's likely the switch is faulty. If only one light fails - it's more likely to be the individual bulb. Remember - there are two bulbs in each headlight.

When do you use high beams?

High beams are just higher-powered/brighter headlights, so they are used when it is dark out, but only when no other vehicles are either in front of you going the same direction or coming from the other direction in the other lane. Usually high beams are used on highways where there are no street lamps, during the late hours of the night when there is little traffic. Also, if it is foggy out, high beams won't help visibility - that's what fog lights are for. Using high beams in fog will make visibility worse.

Why do the high beams all 4 lights on my 66 Impala work but when I turn off the high beams the low beams 2 lights don't work?

I think the low beam lamps have two filaments. So it's possible that those low beam filaments in the "low beam" lamps are burnt out. When the headlights are on dim, only the two outside bulbs burn. When the high beams are on then all four will burn.

1991 buick park avenue headlights only come at high beam low beams will not illuminate what do you check and where?

There should be separate fuses/relays for the low beams. Check the underhood fuse block located on the firewall. They are all clearly labeled.

When you are driving in snow or fog should you use your high beams or low beams?

Low beams - high beams only light up the snow or fog which further impairs vision.

Why will your headlights only work when you hold dimmer switch back?

Low beams are not working and high beams are. If both low beams out, probably not burnt out bulbs and probably is fuse or a switch problem. Could be the bulbs but doubtful. See the Sources and Related Links section below for light bulb info.

Why would Headlights turn signals and interior lights not work but the high beams work only when you hold the high beam lever back what would cause this problem?

Try pushing the high beam lever forward. In some cars pulling this towards the driver only "flashes" the high beams, like for warning another driver. To make the high beams remain on usually requires the lever to be pushed forward. Either that or you have a defective switch in the turn lever that needs to be replaced.

1988 Toyota pickup with no low beams and only High beams when the switch is pulled forward Also the high beam indicator is always on when turning the headlights on yet no lights are actually on How ca?

First double check the bulbs to be sure they are good then I would suspect the high/low beam switch or the headlight switch is at fault.

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