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my buddy had a similar problem if he would take it the night before next morning his toes would go numb

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Q: Why do my hands feet fingers and toes go numb when I take opiates?
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Is it normal when you have a fever my hands and fingers are numb?

my son has a 102.2 fever he is 18 years old but his hands and fingers are numb! is that normal?

Why do your hands and fingers go tingly and numb when you breath deeply or sigh?

Could be thoracic outlet syndrome.

Why fingers become shrinkage in winter?

Fingers more wrinkled in winter because the air contains less moisture, so the hands lose moisture to the air.

Where is your issue numb?

its in your fingers

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Can Diabetic neuropathy cause muscle twitching or spasms in fingers?

It can, although peripheral neuropathy usually occurs first in the feet.

What might the cause be with these symptoms numb tongue tastes of metal numb fingers hands feet and toes upper shoulder neck back spasms?

hypoparathyroidism, type 1 diabetes, or possibly some sort of poisoning. if you suspect poisoning intentional or otherwise seek immediate medical help otherwise have your doctor seriously look into the functioning of your endocrine system.

What is it when you feel one of the fingers in your hand numb?

you broke it

Why do your hands go numb when you sleep?

your hands go numb or goto sleep because the temperature you live in, or probably you put water on your hands too much......................................

Why do my hands and feet go numb during sex?

sounds like a blood circulation issue and, or heart problem tell a dr asap

How does peripheral neuropathy affect the hands?

The best description of the feeling is like....When you "Jam" a getting basketball off the tip of a finger wrong....suddenly feels swollen but my not be..., hot, tingly, hypersensitive and numb at the same time. Now, my whole hands feel this way...not just a finger. And at times the intensity of this jammed finger feeling is 2 or 3 times that of just a jammed finger. Best "picture" I can paint here.

Where is the serial numb on the Remington model 341?

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