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i think that most parents think that it is a distraction

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โˆ™ 2011-11-29 13:55:36
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Q: Why do parents not think there kids should have phones?
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Why do parents think their kids should have phones?

In case of an emergency, so they can get into contact.

Should kids have cell phones?

I think kids should have cell phones if they know what and what not to do with them .

How many parents think kids should have cell phones in school?

over 1000 people lol

Why should kids not have cell phones?

yes i think kids should have cell phones because an emergecy can hapen any were and anytime

Should kids be able to have their phones in school?

Yes I think they should

Why should kids have cell phones in case of an emergencys?

So we can call parents for help

Cell phones for kids?

phoneI think they should have phones in 5th grade you should trust them!!! They need a phone.What if they are in an emergency!

Should kids have cellphones?

it depends. most parents get them for safety reasons. so some kids should have cell phones. but depending on the age.

Why do parents have better phones and kids have dumb phones?

Because the parents save up for their phones using the money they've worked hard for. I do not quite understand what you ean by "and kids have dumb phones".

Do you think kids should be able to sue their parents?

Of course not! our parents rased us

Why should kids have cell phones?

kids should have cell phones because in case pf Emercy or death attack. Also in case of fire or burglary. I think kids should have a cellphone because people be kidnapping. BOTT OM LINE !!!!

Should kids under the age of 10 have cell phones?

No, I don't think so, there is no reason to have it's not like they would need a ride home from the movies, but it is up the parents!

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