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Well, I go to church to get a better relationship with God .Not to be more religious religion is man-made having a relationship with God is spiritual.people attend church to be more in touch with god or gods and to be and act more reglious. Another answerPeople attend church for many reasons -some out of habit or tradition,but church as I know it is an extension of the gathering together of the early Christians to remember what Jesus had done for them,and to express their joy and thankfulness to God through singing,praying ,meditating ,hearing God's word and to share,be encouraged & fellowship with other Christians.Of course,all of this can happen outside of a traditional church building too.It's a good way to connect with others of a similar belief and world view,and to come away from the work & pressure of everyday life for some refreshment.Not that things are always sweet in a church,but that too can be an opportunity for growth . Ignorance of the BibleActs 748"The Most High dwelleth not in temples made with hands." Knowlege of the BibleWhy do people attend church? For all kinds of reasons, good and bad. But The Bible makes clear why people should attend church. While the Most High "dwelleth not" in temples, the Most High "dwelleth" in the people who go to the temples, churches, or whatever one may call them (see 1 John 3:24). The gathering may be large or small, but the people are "the church," and they gather because Christ tells them to gather for their own good. A building is just a place where the church can meet. The Greek word for church is "Ekklaysia," which literally means "gathering" or "assembly." The Bible teaches that the primary reason for believers to gather is to encourage one another, which gives every follower of Christ the job of being an encourager (see Hebrews 10:25). The gathering, or assembly, is one of many ways God gives us opportunity to do this. While some churches fail miserably at this, many thousands of churches are doing a great job. If I have a bad experience at a church, God does not allow me to throw the baby out with the bath water and stop attending. I should not judge all churches by what some churches do, anymore than I should judge all people of one race or religion or institution by what a few do.

The third commandment is that we should keep the sabbath day holy. We should follow this by going to church.

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Q: Why do people attend church?
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