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They do not. God says "Don't do this" and people do it anyway. God says "Be nice to each other" and people disobey. God says "Shut it down for one day each week" and people say "We can't afford it." Most people seem to think that The Bible is kidding, or lying, or just plain mistaken. Theologians are trained to discount what it says, and haggle with it, and find loop-holes in it, and a thousand other ways for us to disobey. No, most people do not do what God tells them. They prefer doing what the Devil tells them, and some of them even believe that it actually comes from God. Such people create the Spanish Inquisition and other works of Satanic evil masquerading as Godliness. It is not God who commands the torture and slaughter of innocents, but the Other One.


According to some of the examples recorded in the Bible, different people obey Him for different reasons.

Moses didn't want the job God had for him to do, and tried to bow out [Ex.3]. Jesus, however [the Creator God of the Old Testament - John 1:3 & see also Ex.3:14; John 8:58], wouldn't let Moses off the hook.

Jeremiah was another who assayed to excuse himself from the "burden" that Christ had for him:

"...'Ah, Sovereign LORD,' I said, 'I do not know how to speak; I am only a child.' But the LORD said to me, 'Do not say, I am a child. You must go to everyone I send you to and say whatever I command you..." (Jer.1:6-7 NIV)

Johah was another one who attempted to run away to a place on earth where he thought the Lord couldn't find him.

In all of these cases... God wouldn't let them go... and they "grew" into their jobs.

Ezekiel was a "priest"... and had a little more experience and "conditioning" under his belt than the ones above who were recruited "cold turkey." He fell into his tasks a little more readily than certain others.

Different people have varying degrees of "faith" in the True God. Most have none at all.

The Bible tells us that "faith" is the gift of God... and not something we muster up on our own.

" grace are ye saved though faith; and that[faith] not of yourselves: it is the gift of God..." (Eph.2:8).

God hasn't been calling all of mankind thus far... and faith hasn't been given without measure in the world. So, most of mankind doesn't do what their Creator has "Commanded."

Those who are of "True faith" struggle with it, as it is against man's rebellious nature to bow to any authority in general [and God's Sovereignty in particular]. Some of the greatest prophets of God [cited above] struggled to obey Him.

It's a learning and growing process to "learn to obey God." It's a matter of learning to "DO" what you "KNOW" is right in the eyes of God. His Ten Commandments are man's guide. They are dually summarized in the Bible as:

"Love God/Love your Fellowman."

And according to the general conditions under which man lives in the world... it's obvious to anyone with the eyes to see that most men do not do what God tells them to do.

Those who do are those who are "called" by Him. They have God's help in obeying Him. He's given them the "faith" and "belief" for starters. He's revealed or revealing Himself and His Divine Wisdom and Knowledge to them through His Word by His Holy Spirit, which imparts the Understanding they require to "grow and develop" the Godly character a "Child of God" needs to learn to overcomethe selfish, rebellious nature of the flesh.

God calls His Word - "Bread." Like the physical human body... man's "spirit" also needs to be "fed" and "nourished" with "Divine Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding"... that the character traits of the "Divine Nature" of the Father may develop in us. (II Peter 1:2-8]

The world is full of "false gods," however... unclean spirits of the spirit realm, who pose as God, as well as any number of other sizes and shapes of created things. Demons [devils] who "hate" everything God stands for... whose attitudes are more appealing to man's "rebellious nature." These are gods who fan the flames of men's hatreds, lusts and jealousies.

There are more men doing what these gods tell them to do than the True God. Again... the grievous state of the world reveals this to anyone with the eyes to see it.

There is God... and there are gods. Even atheists have their "beliefs." We are all "slaves" to something or someone -- and that thing or person is our "master" whom we obey. Mostly... men obey their own lusts.

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Q: Why do people do what God tells them to?
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