Pearl Harbor

Why do people hate the Japanese since without them you would not have a lot of electronics?


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2005-10-17 07:58:28
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They bombed Pearl Harbor. People hate people for many stupid reasons. It doesn't matter what race you are, someone out there will hate you for the color of your skin. All you can do is pity these idiots, and ignore them because they are the ones that continue the vicious circle of racism. Very, very few people actually hate all Japanese individuals because of their race, and it's probably pretty safe to say that those few individuals are less than mentally sound. However, there is a tremendous amount of resentment against the nation of Japan because of its role in the 1930s and 1940s as the perpetrator of an expansionist war of aggression in which atrocities were committed, especially because the Japanese government has persistently refused to apologize in any substantial form. There is probably a great deal more anti-American sentiment abroad in the world today than there is Japanese. As the generation of persons with direct experiences of World War II passes away you can see the lifting of the last vestiges of anti-Japanese sentiment. For the kids going to school today, Japan is just another country.


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