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Answer: The day was made for man, not the man for the day. We as Christians go to church on Sunday due to the fact that that's when our Lord Jesus Christ resurrected in victory ......Read Matthew 28:1 and Marcus 16:1

It is not possible to keep the 10 commandments which should be the standard by which for every bible believing Christian should live by, without observing the Sabbath day.

It's so common for people to believe that the Sabbath was only made for the Israelites/Jews which is outlined in the 4th commandment. The 10 commandments were established at Creation and most importantly the Sabbath was established at that time. God blessed the seventh day and rested - not just that seventh day, but THE seventh day.

No they are not really worshiping the Sun god. They are worshiping the one true God, God the creator and sustainer of life. The Bible makes it clear that it doesn't really matter where or when you worship God what is important is that you worship Him in spirit and in truth. So if people meet on Saturday or Sunday or Monday it doesn't matter.

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Q: Why do people keep the first day of the week for worship of God and are they really worshiping the Sun god?
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Who were the first people to come and worship Jesus?

The first people to worship Jesus were the Israelites, a group in the Bible.

Who does Catholic people worship first?

Catholics worship God alone.

Which colony was the first place that people could worship freely?

Pilgrims were worship freely.

Who did the Navajo people worship?

First Man & First Woman.

Who was the first group of people the spread the belief in one god?

Who was the forst group of people to spread the idea of worshiping one god

How do we live the first commandment i am the lord your god you not have stranges gods be me?

"You shall have no other gods before me," is the first commandment and it meant that God's people were not to worship idols or false gods that the pagans around them were worshiping. It also carries the meaning that God's people should not put anything between Him and them. Anything you value as more important than God is considered to be an affront to Him and considered to be a strange god.

Where were people first allowed to worship freely?

rhode island

What happend after moses introduced the 10 commandments?

He got angry as the people were worshiping a golden calf, and broke the first commandment.

What were pyrimads first used for?

worshiping places

Where were people of all religions first allowed to worship freely?

People were not allowed to worship what ever they wanted. In massachusets bay colony If you were not a puritan you were not allowed to live in That particular colony.

Where do people worship Christianity?

people worship Christianity in a church, some thousand years ago the first christians worshipped out in the open because there was no church because of roman persecution.

Why was God angry when Israel worshiped idols?

To understand why god was upset at Israel for worshiping Idols you must first understand why Israel was attracted to Idol worship in the first place. God commanded Israel to be pure and virtuous. Idol worship involved setting up "Groves". These were places where the children of Israel would gather and take place in pagan style worship. This involved things such as orgies and other immoral behaviour. Basically this was the olden day version of porno, and this was why Israel kept forsaking God in order to justify their desire to engage in "Idol worship". God was not jealous that Israel were worshiping statues. He was angry that they were breaking his commandment that they keep themselves pure and virtuous.

Why did Constantine the Great change the Sabbath to Sunday?

because he was the first pope and he really was a pagan worshiper. His job was to infiltrate paganism and Christianity to fool people into worshiping on the wrong day. In which then they would be breaking one of GOD commandments in keeping the sabbath day holy.

Why did moses break the tablets?

Moses first broke the two tablets of stone as he was angry because the people had made a golden calf and were worshiping it.

What was the first place in America were people could worship freely?

Rhode Island

How has worship changed from Muhammad?

worship used to be bad before now the Prophet Muhammad came it all changed first people worshiped idols were drunk and worship fire but now that changed

In the US people can attend any place of worship or choose to never go to worship. Which First Amendment right guarantees that freedom?

Freedom of Religion, established in the first amendment, states that U.S Citizens may worship whichever god/s they choose.

What day do people worship Jesus?

Sunday is the day in which people attend Church. This is in commemoration of when He Rose from the Dead (the first day of the week).

Oldest form of worship?

ancestral or nature worship were the first forms of worship

What is the first god in the greek times?

It is not currently known which god the Greeks were worshiping first, however worship of many of the Olympian pantheon predates the written word in Greece, and the myths themselves relate to Greece's prehistoric past. Now mythologically, the first "god" was Chaos. From her all other gods in the Greek pantheon draw their lineage.

What do you call the first disobedience against god?

worshiping other gods

Do Catholics really worship images?

No. Catholics worship God alone. Catholics are the only Christian religion founded by God, Himself - all the others were founded by men - thus Catholics follow the Ten Commandments, and the worship of images is strictly forbidden by the First Commandment.

Why do Christians worship on Sunday and Jews worship on Saturday?

Christians worship on Sunday because Christ Rose on the First Day of the Week.Jews worship on Saturday because it was on the 7'Th day that the Lord Rested. That is the reason why.

What was the name of the first group of people to worship one god?

Adam and his wife, peace be upon them both.

When people meet together to worship or pray they fulfill which face of religion is this?

I'm not sure if this is going to answer your question. I think I've either understood what you're saying, or you meant to say *phase. Either or, I hope this helps. My first answer is that there are many different faces of religion. They all depend on how you believe to connect, and they come in many different forms. Worshiping is one of the faces, but it doesn't have a special name or group. I guess worshiping/prayer could be a face as in connecting. The second part of the question which I think you may or may not have meant phase, I don't know, is that there is no certain phase where someone starts to praise or worship with others; it just happens when you feel you are called to or long to in your religion. Hope this helped, Chao!