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Why do people kiss?

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Well people kiss to show how they feel about someone or each other and it's usually leading up to a relationship.

People kiss each other because they show each other how they fell about one another(express your fellings) Try kissing in the rain :] Start a relationship with each other,go on dates have fun:] Also---To get them in bed :] Duh! No one is quite sure, but it's thought to probably be related to a primitive practice where a child's parents would introduce it to adult food by chewing the food up themselves and then giving it to the child by kissing.

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what do people kiss?


Why do people of the same sex kiss?

they kiss for exactly the same reasons that people of opposite sexes kiss.

Can you kiss in school?

In most public schools, people kiss... Maybe not full on make out, but people do kiss in school.

How many people kiss on the lips?

actually only 5% of people kiss on there first date 72% of people kiss on there 4th week of dating

Do dogs lick people to clean them or to kiss them?

Kiss them

Do the band Kiss kiss people a lot?


How do you kiss a friend?


How many people remember their wedding kiss?

About 1,000,000 people in the state of Kentuckyremember their wedding kiss.

What is kiss mark in humans?

Kiss marks could be the "hickeys" people get when they kiss the skin while sucking on it..

What will happen if you kiss someone when you are young?

do not kiss people if you are very young

Where can you kiss someone online?

You cannot kiss people through the Internet.

U should kiss with people around or would it be better to kiss alone?

if you dont like PDA then i would kiss alone, but if you dont mind if people see you kiss and all then go ahead and do it with people around. But it is whatever you are most comftorable with.. (^_^)

To have love do you have to kiss people?


What does muah mean in a text message?

It's a kiss, like the sound people make when they kiss/ French kiss

What should people kiss for luck on Saint Patrick's Day?

People traditionally kiss the Blarney Stone for good luck.

Why do parents kiss?

The same reason anyone does. Love can be the reason people kiss.

Do mermaids kiss?

yes, they also kiss like normal people like you do......

Why do people freak out over their first kiss?

because its ur first kiss

When do kids usually have their first kiss?

people have their first kiss typically when they are alone

Where does most people kiss on there face?

Usually most people kiss their (boyfriend,girlfriend,husband,or wife) on the lips or the cheek.

Why do people kiss at midnight on New Years Eve?

kiss cheer toast sing

When people courted in the Victorian era could they kiss?

They could kiss after they got married.

How do you get a friend to kiss you?

You cannot force a kiss on someone. Most people do not like kissing.

Are jonghyun kiss jessica?

YES,of course but in secret they don't kiss in front of people

When your in Middle School how do you get your girlfriend to kiss?

you don't get people to do things, if you want to kiss her, ask her if she's willing to kiss you, if she's your girlfriend she'll likely be willing to kiss you