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Why do people lie about answers on WikiAnswers?


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Not all people lie on WikiAnswers. But there might be some wrong answers.


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WikiAnswers itself technically does not lie. However, there are some users that decide to vandalize, spam, or put incorrect/inappropriate answers into questions.

no... it only answers what people can and will answer

If they are bad, they could.

The people that are logged into Wikianswers, of course.

They can't. WikiAnswers takes pride in the accuracy of it's answers. If you have an issue over the answer of a question, please, contact a site Supervisor.

over 1,000 people get answers every week.

no its for people who want answers

The South contains many WikiAnswers users.The South is well known to have lots of WikiAnswers users in.WikiAnswers users like people from the South.People from the South like WikiAnswers.WikiAnswers users write positive answers about people from the South.People from the South are known for writing good answers on WikiAnswers.People from the South are popular on WikiAnswers.WikiAnswers have lots of users from the South.The South has lots of people in that write lengthy answers on WikiAnswers.WikiAnswers users are made up from a large variety of people from around the world including the South.

I'm afraid so. Some people can't be trusted. Vandals put bad answers on WikiAnswers.

some people on wikianswers think it is funny to put in wrong answers. we have supervisers that find bad answers and make them right.

WikiAnswers itself doesn't lie. It is a software program reliant on input from Humans. It is the humans that lie... or do they? I am sure most people that take the time to answer will be giving answers based on what they hold to be true. Indeed they do. Remember that those that take answering logical, honest enquiries do so under their own volition to help others

Yes, people change answers on WikiAnswers all of the time. It is to better the quality of the answer. So, yes, it is completely true.

over 500 people find answer on wiki answers.

some people lie some dont .

Because WikiAnswers helps and teaches a lot of people who need answers.

Many people use this for answers a lot. WikiAnswers is the 13th most popular site on the web, so many people use it for answers. You are also using WikiAnswers for answers because you don't know the answer to your queston, too.

This is just for people that have questions and need answers.

Well, wikianswers is a website where people can come and answer questions. So, basically, you can expect people to make immature answers. Also, a number of the newer answers that are useless are being given by bots.

Lie About what? If you mean lie about the Answers. You must remember that the answers to the questions are made possible by lots of Users that try their best to give the best answer as possible. Please understand this about WikiAnswers (indeed all "Wikis"). The idea of a "Wiki" is that anybody can ask a question and anybody can provide an answer. Sometimes the people that provide the answers are good at answering questions and the answer given is a good one, sometimes people answer what they think is the correct answer when it is not and sometimes people try and spoil answers or add silly or rude answers. If people look in an answer and see that it is wrong or could be improved they can change the answer and improve it (or ruin a good answer) - we believe that people are more good than bad and that in time the answers will get better and better. WikiAnswers also has a team of volunteer supervisors that try and tidy up and improve the site and its answers all the time, making sure that bad answers get improved. Therefore WikiAnswers is always a work in progress and sometimes an answer can be wrong. If the person who has answered the question has allot of trust points the answer is more likely to be a good one, so if you find a good answer please reward the answerer with your trust point. We answerers are trying our best to help you!

WikiAnswers is a public platform where people are free to express their knowledge and sometimes opinions on a particular answers making the WikiAnswers dynamic in its synergy of human intellegence & experiences.

Wikianswers does not answer your questions. It is people from around the globe on the internet that answer the questions.

Because we re lie on people to answer questins that we can't answer.

The answers are put in by the members and users of this website.

Some people, called vandals, enjoy vandalizing answers.

No, wikianswers is not inferior to yahoo answers.

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