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Some people are scared by ghosts because they believe ghosts are spirits of the dead intent on evil.

Answercoz they're dead? & cuz they can move objects such as weapons and kill people without being seen.

and people can b scared because they haunt u and they r invisible and ecspically little kids

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Why do people dress-up as spooky ghosts witches on Halloween?

People think Halloween is all about spooky things,so they dress scary and look scary.

Why do you think skeletons associated with ghosts and scary stories?

Well, that some thing that people think are scary. Something for halloween. I mean wouldn't you be scared if a skeleton walked in front of your face?

What is so scary about the most haunted house in the world?

Well, a lot of people think that those haunted houses are scary because the souls of the people {or ghosts} that once lived there still linger because they were brutally killed some how and cannot rest peacfully until see that their murder is avenged. And a lot of people think ghosts are scary murders. They're not. They just want to rest peacefully.

What thing can fly threw walls and is very scary?

Some people consider ghosts to be scary.

Are heaven ghosts scary?

No because heaven ghosts don't haunt people down like other ghosts. Heaven ghosts are angels because they came down from heaven to help people.

Are ghosts scary?


What are ghosts that play pranks called?

Scary ghosts

Do scary ghosts exist?


Is The Sixth Sense scary?

No, I do not think it is scary. It is about ghosts and sometimes it makes you jump, but you should not have sleepless nights! It has a really good twist at the end! :)

Why do people think about ghosts?

People think about ghosts because they could of heard stories or recently had a loss to the family.

Are ghosts in reallife?

No. Do not worry about it, ghosts are not real because they are just made up. In reallife, there are no such things as ghosts but some people believe in ghost and some don't. This is quite true, ghosts are not in reallife because of that you watch scary movies or read scary stories doesn't mean that ghosts are real. They are just made up for fun.

Scary movies affect on people?

Well, people who have watched scary movies may think that... ooh this is though to explain... but they might think that the in the movie are going to get them, for example, a ghost. Someone who has watched a scary ghost movie may start thinking that ghosts are around him/her. So... in this, it has an affect, where that person starts to be scared over things that may not usually scare them. ! =)

What are names of scary ghosts?


Why are ghosts supposedly scary?

In my opinion,most ghosts aren't scary. They're just human, but dead. However, they can still be scary. First of all, some ghosts were horrible, cruel people in life and stayed that way after their death. Those are the ghosts who are more likely to hurt people. What makes that worse is that most people cannot see them nor can they kill them. Also the ghosts that aren't even human, aka daemonic, are definitely worth being scared of, but they are least likely to encounter. Unless things are really creepy, don't worry about ghosts. Like I said, they're mostly human.

Why do people dress scary on Halloween?

they believe it would scare the ghosts away when kids dressed up scary and they said it would also scary other monsters away

What movies have a scary ghost in it?

There are many movies that have scary ghosts in them. Movies such as Poltergeist, Paranormal Activity are about ghosts that you can't see. Movies like The Sixth Sense and The Others are about ghosts that you do see but aren't necessarily aware that they are ghosts.

How many people think ghosts are real?

There are a lot of people that believe that ghosts are real. There also maybe people that believe in ghosts, but won't admit it.

Are all ghosts scary?

its only your opinion

Why do people scare people on Halloween night?

It is part of the tradition of Halloween. The night is about ghosts, ghouls and all things scary!

Can chihuahuas be scared of ghosts?

Every physical being can be scared by ghosts! They are rather scary!

Are ghosts more scary than wild animals?

No. Wild animals are real, ghosts are not.

What is the adjective for ghosts?

scary ghost, white ghostAdditional answerScary and white are just adjectives than can be used with ghost, but they are not adjectives of ghost (which is what I think you are asking). Ghostly is the adjective.

Why do you think skeletons are associated with ghosts and scary stories?

because wen people think of death they think of the human body decaying so whats left, is the bone structure. Also the link with ghosts is the person has had a traumatic death so most probably will appear as skeletal at first before it has the chance to crosses over!!

What is the horror film called with the glass house in it it has all the scary ghosts in the basement?

13 Ghosts

Is ghosts really real?

yes they are. there not scary they just fly around and stuff. ghosts are everywhere.

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