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Why do people think it is funny when other people get hurt?

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nope.. they don't think it's funny.... they just don't know that it's not... sometimes people feel satisfied when they see others getting hurt because of what they are doing.., sometimes it makes them feel superior or somehow makes them feel like they are being cared for which satisfies their emotional cravings....

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What is the scientific reason why people laugh when other people get hurt?

They may think that it looks so funny.

Where did the phrase hurt people hurt people originate form?

I dont know. maybe its just a random phrase. But think about it. hurt people hurt people. hurt people hurt other people. Get it?

Why do you think some people bully others?

Because they think it may be funny or they just want to hurt you. If you are being bullied, please talk to your parents.

Why do people find racism funny?

Because they do not understand the way it might hurt people. They might think it's funny because they don't get made fun of. They will be the ones to get punished for laughing and making jokes.

What happens when you run in to a brick wall?

You get hurt LOL i think dats funny

Why do people harm animals?

because they are horrible nasty people that don't care about the world and the environment and they might hate animals and think that it is funny! please don't hurt them!

Why do hurt people hurt other people?

they don't want to hurt the other persons feels or its the right thing to do.

What happens if you ask a?

It means she likes you as a friend, but not in any other way. But, she doesn't want to hurt your feelings, and she feels funny that you asked, because she doesn't think of you that way.

How can people hurt other people they have children with?

i don't think that i can hurt some 1 that i have kids with... But they are selfish that is why child abuse is on the rise and so is domestic violence They act first think less and do harm without remorse

Why is prank calling bad?

It is illegal and people can get hurt with a prank call. It isn't funny for people getting the call.

Why do you laugh so much?

Some people laugh a lot or giggle because they are in a nervous situation or are shy. Other people just think some things are funny because of their own sense of humor. As long as a person doesn't hurt someone else by laughing at them then there is nothing wrong with it.

What is the bad animals?

I think bad animals are animal that kill or hurt people or animals that eat other animals. I think but im not sure.

Why does it hurt to hit your funny bone?

um yes it does and its not that funny 2.

Is April fools funny?

yes verry funny unless you get hurt no

Why do tigers kill people?

They think you will hurt them.

When you hit your funny bone do you hit a nerve?

Yes, you do, but it doesn't hurt it, the name of the nerve is the ulnar nerve.P.S. For most people, there funny bone is in their knee.

What do people spread rumors about people dating when their not?

They spread those rumors to be funny. Normally their not trying to hurt you there just trying to be funny. The same things happens at my school but eventually they will stop doing it to you.

What is so funny about your funny bone?

The fact is nothing is funny it just tickles or hurt when u bang it

Can people hurt magpies?

Yes you can hurt a magpie that is just a superstition. or at least I think...

How come it hurt so much when you hurt your funny bone?

It hurts/tingles because you are hitting the end of your Humerus bone, where all the nerves are located. Did you know that its not really funny when you hurt your funny bone? its just cause its called a humerus. (:

Why do people hurt people that hurt people to tell them hurting people is wrong?

Its Quite Confusing But The People That Hurt Other People That Have Hurt People As Well Are Probably Police Trying To Teach Them How It Feels To Hurt Others So They Can Understand And Not Do It Again, But That's Life......

Why do people think it funny if you make fun of someone?

When you or anyone else bullies or pokes fun at another person and some people think it's funny it is either because they have a warped sense of humor; they are extremely immature or they simply want to be one of the crowd. There is no humor in poking fun at another person and it's cruel and vicious and shows how ignorant the person doing it truly is. People may laugh along with you, but many of those people will talk behind your back and consider you cruel and unworthy of being of any importance because they know if you poke fun to hurt another persons feelings you will probably do it to one of the other people that think you are being funny. You'll end up the loser!

What did medieval people think of pain?

They thought it hurt.

What are some funny jokes for girls?

Boy:did it hurt? girl:did what hurt? Boy:did it hurt when you fell from heaven

How can couple hurts each other?

you can hurt a person by simply telling them something mean or hurting their feelings, you hurt people because you want to get rid of your problems, and some people are just lonely and they need to teke their anger out on someone and they just hurt other people and than other people will hurt them and they won't like it but sometime ago they hurt other people the the people they hurt didn't like being hurt but they just did it anyways they didn't care, they could have stopped but they just didn't feel that it was enough they kept on going.......

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