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As we all know, when we get tiered we can become sleepy, groggy, grouchy, and even down right mean! But did you know that yawning is not just a symptom of being tired, but could be a sign of something much much more serious... yawning is a symptom of a lack of oxygen to your body. That’s right, a lack of oxygen can result in low 02 levels in your blood and that can cause a variety of problems which include sleepiness and yawning not to mention other more serious conditions in the respiratory system. So if you happen to have a pulse-ox (the little thingy that they put on your finger at the hospital), try using it the next time you find yourself yawning in excess.


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When people have no power in the body and feel the laziness or feel boring, that time people take the yawning

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How come people yawn?

People don't yawn. A yawn is a gasp for air, so now you know the anwer!

Can you give a sentence for the word yawn?

Insects do not yawn. People necessarily do not yawn only when they are tired. Most people, after reading this, will yawn.

Why do many yawn when one yawns even out of sight?

they yawn because when you yawn it passes on to other people . so you yawn then someone's right next to you then i think they inhale then they start to yawn ?

How many times do do people yawn?

They yawn a whole life time

Why do you 'yawn' when tired?

People yawn because they are bore.....right now,their is no approved causal of yawnimg

How do you say yawn and taught in a sentence?

People in the room began to yawn as the lecturer taught his boring lesson. People are often taught that there are times when it can be rude to yawn.

Why do people yawn when they someone else do it?

People yawn when they see someone else do it because it triggers something in the brain so you can't help but yawn. Yawning is contagious.

Why do people yawn when they're sick?

People don't just yawn because they're sick, first of all, they're brain sends out a message to the body, and then the body reacts as a yawn. You also yawn when you're tired, or need to lie down.

Why to people yawn?

People yawn, because its the fastest way to send air up into your brain, so if you were tired and your not thinking well, you would most likely yawn to get your brain working better.

Why do peopel yawn?

People yawn because the body reacks to oragans and air gets traped

Why do cats yawn when they see you?

They probably just woke up. People yawn when they wake up too.

Why do people tend to howl when they yawn?

I have seen a lot of people yawn in my life and never once has any of them ever howled at the same time

How do you use yawn in a sentence?

Scientists still do not know why we yawn.Jillian yawned because it was almost midnight.Some people yawn before exercising to get more oxygen into their system.

Why do people yawn when their tierd?

when you are tired, your breathing slows, which means less oxygen travels to your brain, thus causing you to yawn.

What is it called when people yawn in a chain?

The power of suggestion.

What Dose It Mean When Two People Yawn At The Same Time?

When two people yawn at the same time means one is sleepy. The other is just copying the other.

How many times do you yawn per day?

Most people yawn about average of 3-5yawns per day... Still Not Confirmed ...

Do dogs yawn because their owners yawn?

No. They yawn for the same reasons we do.

Analogy for diffusion?

ur at a baseball game and you turn around in your seat and yawn. Pretty soon other people start to yawn too.

Do giraffes yawn?

Yes they do yawn.

Do whales yawn?

No whales do not yawn.

Is yawn an adjective?

The word 'yawn' is both a verb (yawn, yawns, yawning, yawned) and a noun (yawn, yawns). Examples:Verb: I began to yawn in the middle of the lecture.Noun: The comedian's joke met with a big yawn.An adjective is a word that describes a noun, for example: a big yawn.

Why do people yawn when they are tired?

People ywan because the body is trying to get more oxygen.

Why do you yawn in your sleep?

how do you know you yawn if you are sleeping?

Do ant yawn?

no the ant dosen't yawn

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