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Why do plants lean toward light?

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What is phtotropism?

The response of a plant to light. Some plants will lean toward a light source as they develop.

Can flowers lean?

Yes plants lean toward the light or if the plant is not planted upright in the soil it will lean so that it is growing upright.

Plants lean toward the light because of plant hormones called?


Will plants grow toward sunlight or artificial light?

Yes plants do grow towards sunlight that is why some plants lean to a certain side.

Plants lean toward the light because of plant hormones called what?

A growth hormone called auxin.

Can plants use light as sun?

Sure. In fact, if you place a plant under an artificial light source, it will lean toward the light source as if it were the sun.

The plants lean toward the sun is what word?


Why do plants lean toward the sun?

plants lean towards the sun to gain nutrients, that is an adaptation. They also use th sun photosynthesis plants lean towards the sun for photosynthesis. When they leann towards the sun it is an adaptation

What most likely caused the plant to bend?

The sun. Plants will gradually lean toward the highest intensity of light. This can even happen overnight, depending on the plant.

What is it called when plants bend toward the light?


Do plants grow toward light or heat?


How does plant respond to light?

Usually plants respond to light by turning toward it.

A plant bending toward light is an example of?

the bending of plants toward sunlight,or phototropism,is an example of a behavioral adaptation related to light

When plants bend toward the light what is it called?

Its called phototaxis.

If a plant grows toward the light a plants action is what?

A response

What causes a plant to lean or grow toward a window?

The sun causes a plant to grow towards the light.

How do plants move toward light?

The tip of the stem can detect light so it grows towards the light.

How do plants in a dark place grow?

Plants in the dark receive no light and the plants need the light. They grow because the production of growth hormones is stimulated by the dark/suppressed by sunlight. This is why plants in the dark grow much more than plants in the light. (They will turn yellow because they are not receiving enough sunlight to produce chlorophyll to make the plant green. They will become unhealthy and eventually die.) It is also why plants in a sunny window "lean" toward the light. The side of the plant that is in the shade is producing more growth hormones.

Why do plants bend toward the light What is the scientific term associated with this?

Plants bend as they need light for photosynthesis. Its scientific term is phototropism.

The process when the stem of the plants curve toward the light is called?


When a plant grows toward a light the plants action is an exampleof?


A plant grows toward the light The plants action is an example of?

its an response :)

Why does light affect plants?

The more light there is, the more energy a plant can make through photosynthesis. That's why plants will always grow toward a light source when planted.

Why is it important that plants grow toward the light?

Plants need basic suppliments, light being one of them. So the plants try to absorb that light by leaning towards it. The light helps plants make photosynthesize (make food), reproduce, and live.

Do plants face towards the light or away form it?

Well, the leaves tend to face toward the light.