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Note: This question is about fecal pellets, not cecal pellets (cecotropes). If you've seen your rabbit apparently eating its droppings, and you don't know about cecotropes, see the related links below for info -- probably it's just cecotrophy and nothing to worry about.

There is not much information available about rabbits eating their feces.

Some people say rabbits eat their feces when they get bored. Boredom in rabbits can be very serious, leading to anxiety, depression, destructiveness, aggressive behaviours, and illness. If your rabbit is bored, that's a good sign you need to renovate her habitat so that she has plenty of diversions to keep her entertained, and you should spend plenty of time with her every day so she can socialize, play, and exercise.

Some people say rabbits eat their feces because they're hungry or not getting enough nutrients. If a rabbit is that hungry or undernourished, it is not healthy. Rabbits should have 100% 24/7 access to hay. When a rabbit always has hay to eat, it will never get so hungry that it eats its feces. Hay is also very important to keep the rabbit's teeth worn down, and to keep the digestive system moving properly -- hay also helps cut down on boredom! A rabbit should get balanced nutrients from its pellets and some fresh greens every day. Not all rabbit pellets on the market are very healthy: research what makes a healthy pellet and make sure that's what you're feeding your rabbit. Remember: dietary changes (even good ones) must be done very gradually so the rabbit doesn't get sick.

Some people have noticed their rabbits eating their feces soon before they found out their rabbit was ill. Rabbits do often change their eating habits when something is wrong in their mouth (overgrown teeth, abscesses, throat tumour, etc.).

One person writes that it's normal for rabbits to eat feces: "When a rabbit eats hay or pellets, it practically goes right through them, so when they smell their droppings, it smells very much like actual food." Not many people agree with this statement, however.

Whether it's boredom or illness, it seems likely that rabbits eating feces is a sign of distress. Whatever the cause, it isn't normal or healthy for rabbits to eat their feces, so if your rabbit is doing this, you should do something about it:

  • Pay very close attention and look for other signs of ill health. If you see any, make an appointment with your vet. If in all other ways your rabbit seems normal and healthy, then a vet appointment might not be necessary, but do tell your vet about it at the next regular check-up.
  • Do some research about rabbit care and behaviour to make sure you're taking care of your rabbit properly. You may think you know all about rabbits, but everyone can stand to learn a bit more! This is for the sake of your beloved pet, after all.

Because they've got nothing else to eat.
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Q: Why do rabbits eat their feces or poo?
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Do baby rabbits eat their feces?

No rabbits eat their feces, although all rabbits eat cecotropes. Rabbits have two kinds of droppings: feces, and cecotropes. Baby rabbits that aren't weaned yet eat their mother's cecotropes; once they're weaned, they eat their own cecotropes.

Do rabbits eat their first poo in the morning?

Rabbits eat cecotropes, which are droppings but not the same as feces. Rabbits do often eat their cecotropes in the morning, but also at other times of the day. Rabbits eating cecotropes is like cows chewing the cud: it's a form of redigestion to get the maximum nutritional value out of the food. Rabbits eat their cecotropes straight from the anus, so you don't often see them, and it looks like they're eating poo even though they're not.

Do you need to let your rabbits eat their own feces?

Yes, you must let your rabbits eat their own feces because it's an important part of their digestive system. Rabbits need to eat their feces in order to get all the nutrients they need out of their food. If a rabbit is prevented from eating it's feces, it will become ill. (Actually, to be technical, rabbits don't eat their feces at all: they eat their cecotropes, although it looks like they're eating their feces.) See the related questions below for more details.

Why do dogs eat their poo?

Dogs eat their feces because they can smell the undigested food left over that still remains in the feces.

Why do rabbits poo so often?

Because they eat.

Do rabbits eat their feces to help flower soil?

Rabbits secrete two substances from their anus: feces, and cecotopres. Rabbits eat cecotropes in a form of redigestion that allows them to maximize the nutritional benefit of the food they eat; this has nothing to do with soil. Rabbit feces, on the other hand, are an excellent fertilizer that's great for flower soil.

What do dung beetles eat?

They eat dung also known as poo or feces, usually elephant poo . dung beatles also lay their eggs in poo.

Do rabbits eat butterfly?

yes they do and they also eat the poo that dogs produce because in the poo there are good nutrients in it for their health

Do rabbit eat feces?

Yes, rabbits do indeed eat their own feces. Rabbits are vegans, and like most vegan animals, their digestive tract is not long enough to fully extract the nutrients from what they eat. So they will eat it again. Deer tend to like to eat rabbit feces too, so if you find a pile of rabbit feces, there may be deer nearby.

Do monkey eat the own poo?

They eat their own feces to more effectively digest plant cellulose.

Is it safe to eat dog poo?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to eat dog feces. Feces, or poo, is steril like urine. Military survival training often involves the consuming of fecal matter for survival, and it is a medically proven fact that a subject can survive for weeks at a time on feces and urine.

Do wild rabbits eat grass?

Yes, wild rabbits do eat grass. Wild Rabbits are herbivores and will also eat "night feces" (similar to chewing cud for cows),weedy greens, and forbs.

Do old rabbits like playing a lot?

Older rabbits play less than younger rabbits but they still do like to play. See the related question below for more info about rabbits playing. Rabbits also like to sit poo and poo and poo and sleep and sleep and sleep and eat.

Can dogs eat rabbit food?

If dogs can eat pig feces (that's poo), then yes, dogs can eat rabbit food.

Does fiber make you feces float?

yes when beavers poo it floats because they eat wood

Do monkey eat their own feces?

yes, only if they olny think it is something else but, poo

What is it called when rabbits eat their feces?

Rabbits don't really eat their feces; they eat their cecotropes. This natural process is called "cecotrophy" (also sometimes spelled "caecotrophy"). Some people call "coprophagy," but this isn't technically correct as "coprophagy" refers to the eating of feces, but cecotropes (also known as cecal pellets or "night feces") are not technically feces because they aren't waste matter: rather, they're an important part of a rabbit's digestive system. Cecotrophy is a way for rabbits to redigest their food in order to get the most nutritional benefits out of it (in principle, cecotrophy in rabbits is comparable to chewing the cud in cows).

Why does dogs eet their own poo?

Dogs, along with rabbits, have a digestive system that doesn't allow them to absorb nutrients all in one sitting. They eat their own feces in order to attain all possible nutrients that can be absorbed.

Which rabbits eat their soft forces?

Are you meaning soft feces??? Every rabbit has a soft night time feces. Most eat it before you ever see it. It aides in their digestion of foods.

Do rabbits eat their poop?

Yes, as disgusting as it sounds, rabbits do eat their poop! Rabbits produce two types of poo. 1. Harder, pellet type poo 2. Soft mucus covered poo. The softer poo is called cecotropes. These aren't normally found in a rabbit's cage as these are the type they eat. These types of poo are very high in nutrition and contributes to a major part of the rabbit's diet. It also gives the rabbit's digestion system another opportunity to use up all of the goodness out of the original food.

What is urine and feces?

Urine and Feces are just the scientific name for pee and poo.

Are there vitamins in rabbit feces?

There are no vitamins or nutrients in rabbit feces, but there are many nutrients in their cecotropes, and when rabbits eat their cecotropes, it does look like they're eating their feces. See the related question below for more details.

What is feces in Welsh?

poo in welsh is baw

What is a poo phobia?

The fear of feces is coprophobia.

What is the meaning of feces?

It literally means poo.

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