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All hamsters usually do this act but they all have different feelings. As you said, some hamsters might be scared or angry or even nervous. Humans don't know only the hamsters. 90% of the time, they are just curious about you.

There are three basic reactions Hamsters can have to fear.

  • Fight
  • Flight
  • Freeze

All hamsters will react in one of these 3 ways to fear. These are characteristics that are a result of instinct and the genetic code. There are no bad hamsters. If a hamster is afraid enough it may bite (fight response to fear). Even if we don't like an animal's behavior (and the behavior is "bad"), the animal is not bad. Of the three responses hamsters can have to fear, let's look at each one and see how they affect our hamster.



This is one way hamsters react to fear. This presents itself in the form of chewing or biting. These animals are not bad, they are simply afraid, and this is how they deal with it. Unfortunately, it can be challenging in a household to have hamsters that react to fear with a fight response. Since they are simply afraid (just like hamsters who react with freeze or flight), if we are emotionally hurt or offended and fight back (hitting, yelling, etc), this will only make them more afraid.


Hamsters that freeze stay very still. Sometimes they even hold their breath for long periods of time. They can continue chewing or stop chewing. If you see this (and you probably will), just notice it. If you are observant you will start to notice what you can do to help your hamster feel less scared.


This is when a hamster feels unsafe and runs away. Some hamsters freeze first, then, when the time is right, they run away. Since hamsters can run from fear, chasing them makes them more afraid, so if you can it's best to give them the space and let them come to you. Some hamsters will do this quickly; some may not come to you for weeks to months (or longer). But it always helps to know it's not you but simply that your hamster is afraid. Don't feel bad or guilty or wrong, just notice when your hamster is the least afraid and interact then.

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Q: Why do some hamsters freeze whenever you look at them and are they scared or angry or just nervous?
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They vibrate because they get a little scared and nervous. the more you hold it, the less stressed out it will be.

Do hamsters defecate when they're scared?

Sometimes, yes, all animals including hamsters will defecate when scared. The "fight or flight" instinct in animals when they are frightened can sometimes wreak havoc on the central nervous system and can make animals lose control over bodily functions.

Why Hamster bite me but Hamster sleep on hand sometime?

Hamsters usually bite when they are nervous or scared. It's not usually anything personal, they are just jumpy.

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all hamsters squeal if they r scared.

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they bite and we get scared

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no they sit and clean themselves

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I doubt that. Well i think that they wont be scared at all.

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no not likely

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No, only if they are not used to you. Once you bond, he will be a lot less scared.

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It is unknown whether hamsters are afraid of the dark. However it is possible that some of them are.

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What are the signs of a nervous hamster?

If a hamster is scared or nervous it may bite you.

Why do hamsters squeal?

It means that they are either in pain or scared.

Do hamsters grunt?

No, but they may squeak when angry or scared.

Why do hamsters eyes bulge sometimes?

because they are scared.

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they are either do is cause they are scared or harmed

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its possible but the hamster might get scared

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When they are fighting, surprised, playing with other hamsters, when they get hurt, when they get scared and sometimes when they give birth.

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They queek coz they are scared, lonely or frightend

What is a anther name for frighten?


How can you tell a teddy bear hamsters age?

Younger hamsters are quick and scared. Older hamsters may start to have scruffy hair, and they may lose some hair.

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