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Generally, 18c jewelry originates in the UK- simply different spellings! In USA we spell the gold content "Karat" in UK it's "Carat". Though, I believe generally it's 18CT rather than 18C.

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Q: Why do some jewelers display gold as 18 c and other jewelers display gold as 18 k?
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Gold is a very soft metal and can be scratched easily. Hundreds or thousands of minute scratches can make a gold item that was once shiny look very dull. A jeweler can buff it for you and make it shiny again, although some antique pieces look better slightly dull. Some jewelers will do it for free as a service to keep you in their store longer so you might see something you like and buy it. Other jewelers will charge a small fee. Also, some gold items have been intentionally dulled by etching or scratching the surface to make them less shiny. Ask your jeweler if yours is one of these pieces.

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QCD is a makers mark. It means the piece was made by a company called Quality Color Design, Inc. They manufacture 14k gold, 18k gold, silver and platinum jewelry, some with diamonds and/or precious or semi precious stones, for retail jewelers.

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14 karat gold is composed of gold and some other metal mixed in such as silver or nickel.

What does 8 stamped on a ring mean?

From what I understand some jewelers stamped in the ring size!

What are some things to do in Keyes California?

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Is a gold metal solid gold?

In chemistry, solid gold is a metallic element. In jewelry, gold may be alloyed with other metals, such as silver: and some "gold jewelry is simply gold-plated.

Where does gold from central bank came from?

Gold mines in Russia or South Africa or some other place.

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To some extent, buying gold online, such as on eBay may be more beneficial than buying gold at the jewelers. For example on eBay there are opportunities for buyers to buy an item at a cheaper prize than buying the item for it's original prize found in stores. Cheap gold maybe found in the auction filter lists on eBay. I think you can get better prices online, there is a larger selection, and you must also think about the time and money you would spend travelling around looking at different jewellery stores. Online shopping is much easier and very safe now.