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Maybe they are afraid the the utensils have not been washed properly

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Q: Why do some people ask for plastic utensils at restaurants?
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Why a special plastic is applied on some kitchen utensils to give them a nonstick coating?

So foods don't stick to them.

What are some good stores that sell kitchen utensils?

Wal-Mart sells good quality kitchen utensils at a good, reasonable price. They have many different brands to choose from, some in plastic and some in stainless steel, depending on what you may prefer.

What are some clay utensils made by indigenous people of the Caribbean?


Can I reuse plastic forks and knives?

Plastic forks and knives are generally designed for single-use purposes, such as picnics, takeout meals, or gatherings where convenience and easy disposal are important. They are typically made from lightweight and less-durable plastic materials, which can make them less suitable for repeated use compared to utensils made of sturdier materials like stainless steel. However, whether you can reuse plastic forks and knives depends on their condition, the type of plastic they are made from, and your personal preferences. Here are some considerations: Condition: If the plastic utensils are still in good condition after their initial use (no visible cracks, significant wear, or signs of damage), you can potentially wash and reuse them. Cleaning: Properly clean and sanitize the plastic utensils after each use. Washing them in warm, soapy water and thoroughly rinsing them can help remove any food residue or bacteria. Type of Plastic: Some plastic utensils are more durable than others. If the utensils are made from a higher-quality, thicker plastic, they may withstand multiple uses better than flimsier ones. Intended Purpose: Consider the intended purpose when deciding whether to reuse plastic utensils. For example, it might be more acceptable to reuse plastic forks and knives for casual meals at home than for a formal dinner or a special occasion. Environmental Impact: Reusing plastic utensils, even if possible, may not be the most environmentally friendly option. Single-use plastics contribute to plastic waste and pollution, so consider more sustainable alternatives such as reusable metal or bamboo utensils. Safety: Be aware that plastic utensils can degrade over time with repeated use and washing, potentially releasing harmful chemicals into food or becoming more brittle and prone to breaking. While it is possible to reuse plastic forks and knives, it's essential to weigh the factors mentioned above and prioritize safety and hygiene. If you plan to use plastic utensils repeatedly, consider investing in more durable and dishwasher-safe plastic or, even better, switch to reusable and eco-friendly alternatives for a more sustainable and cost-effective solution.

What eating utensils need to be koshered?

New utensils might usually not need to be koshered but might probably need to be immersed completely in ritual or naturally running water. Eating utensils need to be koshered if they were previously used with non-kosher food. Some utensils cannot be koshered in any case like plastic and ceramic items. Utensils that have been koshered might usually need to be immersed in ritual water as well.

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