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Why do some people take everything so seriously?

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They're probably one of those people. He or she is a person who doesn't play and can't take jokes. It's OK.

Answersome people take everything seriously because they realy thaught that the other person was serious. some people are taking it seriously on purpose. Some people just want to beat up someone.
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Do Australians take sport too seriously?

Yes but they take everything too seriously. I've lived here for 3 years it's very authoritarian, people can be very officious & up tight.

What are some misunderstandings of multiple personality disorders?

People don't take it seriously.

How do you take utrogest?

Everything depends on the case. Seriously, if you have to take it, contact your doctor for details!

Do people even take these questions seriously?

Yes, if it's a well thought out question.

Why do parents take everything too seriously?

cuz they want to "protect u"

What are some examples of why the north did not take the civil war seriously?

They took it seriously

What caused Mary mccauley to take part in the battle of monmouth?

because some people where seriously injured

How does soccer affect cultures around the world?

Some people take it so seriously that they would worship the ball.

Why did people not take Charles Darwin seriously at first?

Because his views opposed the churches. The church said that god created everything as they are now. Darwin believed in evolution.

Why do people laugh at everything?

People that laugh at everything are cheerful. They want to take the best out of everything.

Why people take the ozone layer seriously?

People take ozone seriously because it is a serious matter. Ozone layer is a very important part of our atmosphere and it is getting depleted.

Why is the people answering these questions on WikiAnswers so weird?

Some people don't take Wikianswers seriously. If someone doesn't answer your question seriously then you should contact a suprivisor. The suprivisor will then delete they're answer so someone else can answer it for you.

What are the release dates for Agents of Cracked - 2009 Some People Take Prank Wars a Little Too Seriously 2-6?

Agents of Cracked - 2009 Some People Take Prank Wars a Little Too Seriously 2-6 was released on: USA: 1 November 2010

Are people that are bored take this site seriously?

Yup.... lol

Are their people on this site that take it seriously?

Maybe a few but not many

Should people take salmonella seriously?

i will say yes

Miley Cyrus is such a joke why does everyone take her so seriously?

because different people have different tastes in people and music. people take her seriously cause they either think shes a rock star, or a hottie

What is the meaning and significance of the story The Three Little Pigs?

The meaning is take pride in what you do, and take everything seriously, just like the third pig.

Why is the starvation diet bad?

Because some people take it to seriously and they starve themselves so much, that they kill themselves from starvation.

Why some employees are good performers compare to others?

some employees perform better then others because they care about there job. and take it seriously then other's that don't take it seriously and are lazy.

What is the correct usage take it serious or take it seriously?


In what ways did slavery take away the basic rights of African American?

Well it is basically everything...Duhh i mean seriously

What is the point of fortune cookies?

i dont think there is point, its mainly for fun but some people take it seriously and think its true! But hey? who knows?

What is the reason of laughing?

The reason to make your feeling of amusement audible, would be to communicate it to other people. It is part of the social process, which helps to make human society more functional. The fact that we are not compelled to take everything seriously helps us to avoid some of the interpersonal violence which might otherwise take place.

Why does Morgan not take stuff so seriously?

I know old men that don't even take things seriously. Different people, different personalities. But why take life seiously? That's SOO boring [;